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It’s nearly over….

Well, my big promotion, Flaming Hot June, is nearly at an end. It’s certainly pushed a lot more of my stories out there, and I hope my readers have really enjoyed them. There’s still a day or two left until the end, so if you haven’t availed yourself yet, now is the time to go for it!

Flaming HOT June


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#BDSM #Erotica #Adult #Vampire #Werewolf #Monster #Spanking #Paranormal #Kindle


Next to vampires, I think werewolves are one of the commonest paranormal genres in the erotica heading. When I started my first paranormal story, it was werewolves that I made my subject, partly because vampires seemed to be getting press left right and centre, and partly because I like werewolves.

A while before penning my first werewolf story, I saw a documentary on the account of a werewolf incident in what is now Germany in the late medieval period, written by a monk who passed through the village shortly after the events. Essentially, children in the village were disappearing and being found murdered and partly eaten one winter. The villagers were well acquainted with wolves and how to deal with them, but these killings were different and some of the tracks they found were human. Not just children were killed, travellers too had been preyed upon. The events described were really quite frightening, given the simplicity of the people involved, but viewed through modern eyes the layers could be peeled back to see the signatures of a serial killer. In the end, when one victim survived an attack and called for help, the perpetrator was caught, tortured for a full confession, and executed by burning.

What was clear was that the villagers concluded this man HAD to be a werewolf, because how else could a man do such monstrous things, save by becoming a beast? He had to be a monster, because he did monstrous things, therefore, as he looked human, he must have changed his shape – something he confirmed under interrogation with red-hot pokers and the like. Yet not so very far from me is a village who’s notoriety is drawn from two of it’s occupants who kidnapped and murdered several children. Only a few miles from that village is the town where an unremarkable but much appreciated family doctor gained infamy as the world’s most prolific confirmed serial killer (there have been killers that claimed more victims, and may have had them, but this one was the worst for which they have proof of the numbers – and what is scary is that they didn’t run out of suspected victims to confirm, they ran out of time and money for investigating).

Clearly, monsters can wear a human skin all the time, and this idea had a very strong influence on me.

So, breaking out of the maudlin train of thought about serial killers (and I do not want to romanticise serial killers, no way!), I decided that my “werewolves” were going to stay in a human shape all the time. They were not going to change shape, they were going to change attitude. I’m not sure anyone else has ever described werewolves this way, but my content editor loved the idea. Besides, I wanted good sex in my story and I am not into furries.

As with my vampires I wanted a rationale for their existence. After all, I am a geek, this kind of thing I need to know if only for my own internal satisfaction. The easiest thing for me was to make the werewolf “strain” run in families. That makes it a genetic component, and there are a number of believable little tweaks in DNA that could make a human much stronger, faster, and have sharper senses. I made the “werewolves” recipients of these changes, and I made them recessive traits (otherwise we’d be overrun with werewolves). I also wanted a down-side, something that holds them back. The attitude change idea provided that, and also gave me a great justification for slipping in some kinky bondage: body language. Traits of aggression and leadership that in palaeolithic man would have been massively advantageous would, in a neolithic society, have been a recipe for disaster. Werewolves are not safe around people, because we and they have the wrong body-language at certain times. Humans who love the wolves must learn their body language and stick to it, and only ropes and blindfolds can ensure that in the throws of passion.

This gave me a third aspect of my werewolves: they are dangerous. When you get involved with one, you are playing with dynamite. Their instincts are strong, and they are physically very powerful. Under the full moon, their control is at it’s weakest and you really do not want to be around them then.

And that in turn gives me the final factor of tragedy: it’s hard being a wolf, because you have to live apart. If you want a girlfriend, you are living with the fact that if you lose it you could accidentally kill her. They say wolves mate for life…but that doesn’t mean forever.

Lastly, these are people, they are intelligent, and they can figure out answers to their problems. They live in families, so that probably makes them a society. They’ll do what people do and organise, so I have whole sub-culture to explore.

OK, now I have my various factors, now I can go and create my werewolves.

First, in Street Wolf I wanted a werewolf who was not cast in the mould, but lived in the city. I was really flattered when one reviewer described him as the anti-hero, because that was exactly the feeling I was reaching for with him. He’s dangerous, and although he saves the heroine’s life at the start of the story his savagery in doing so is undeniable.

Second, in The Alpha, I wanted to introduce an older, smarter werewolf. This guy heads up the pack, and gets his people out from the constraints of civilisation to where they can be themselves. Of course even in the wild you can’t escape modern civilisation, and in flies my heroine (literally), an ecologist tracking he effects of climate change. They say when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…

Third, in Animal Magnetism, I wanted the younger wolf, the kid discovering who he is for the very first time along with all the agony and angst that goes with it. Who will stick by him? Who else but his high school girlfriend, who ignores all the warnings and marches off to where she shouldn’t be because she knows in her heart that she’s needed. Did I mention that werewolves have strong pheromones?

Last, my final wolf gave an introduction to that complete off-the-grid sub-culture I mentioned. In The Wolf With The Red Roses I took the title from a Meatloaf song (and gave credit), and the concept of the biker gang comprised entirely of werewolves is an old trope I had to revisit. These guys don’t make trouble, though, they avoid it and avoid attention, and are quite at peace with who they are and where they live.

I’m rather proud of this series, because there is a whole lot more to it than just blindfolds and rope and rough sex. There is a lot of plot and story and interest – you know you are onto a good thing when your content editor demands you expand this into a novel!

Wild Discipline - Collection

So here it is, the werewolf collection: dark, evocative, steamy, but also touched with some pathos and humanity. Monsters can wear a human skin, but even monsters can be humane…



Wild Discipline Montage

Thank You all, you are Awesome!

I want to say a really BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the Book Blast yesterday. We pushed The Secret up to position #41 in the Paranormal erotica category, and to around #14,000 overall in Amazon.

Rating for The Secret

So a big thank you from me!

Flaming Hot June still has a few days to run, so all stories are still down around 99c, and will not be going up until July, so get ’em while they are cheap!


Today is the day of my first ever BOOK BLAST!

This is basically when you promote like crazy and get all your friends to buy a cut-price story in order to boost it’s sale’s ranking and get you a higher profile through Amazon. Today I am push one of my most recent stories, The Secret…

ES - The Secret

Excerpt (Adult content!):

Marco had said “adequate” but Carlotta fancied that he was the master of understatement. The condo was spacious and luxurious, to say the least, not that she had much time to take it in. She and Marco stumbled through the door breathless and kissing passionately. Even as Marco thrust the door closed Carlotta was thrusting his jacket off his shoulders. When it slammed with a click he spun her around in impossibly strong arms pressing her back to a wall as his tongue invaded her mouth and his hands tugged the straps of her dress from her shoulders. He spun her around again, and as he did the zip at the back of her dress, it came down in his hand.

Carlotta’s own hands wormed their way between his body and hers to find the buttons of his shirt before moving up and down as they staggered down the passageway. Marco’s kisses moved from her lips and grazed down her throat, sending shivers down her spine as she thrust his shirt back, and at the same time found herself stepping out of her dress. Fingers found the catch of her bra, and his kisses moved down to her breasts as they were exposed. She was lifted in his arms, far stronger than they looked, and her heels slipped off her feet as he shouldered a door open, and in the semi-light she made out the shape of a four-poster bed just before he laid her down on satin sheets.

He was kissing her mouth again, him naked to the waist now as her softness met his hardness, thrilling her to the core. Her hands fumbled at his belt as they squirmed around the large bed, she wanted him naked and in her arms. This wasn’t love, although they had made a connection beyond the physical, but it wasn’t just lust either. More than anything it was the challenge, the need to test themselves against one another.

At last his belt gave, and Carlotta thrust his pants and boxer shorts down to feel his hard cock spring into her hand, firm and warm and nicely thick without being too long, she couldn’t wait to get it inside her.

Marco laughed, and grasped her wrists and pinned them wide apart above her head and kissed her again, kissing her lips, then her beasts until she stopped fighting him and just arched her back, throwing her head back to invite his kisses and luxuriate in his attentions.


Cool metal snapped closed around each wrist, and his hands ran down her bare arms as she struggled for a moment in astonishment. Her wrists were now chained above her head! A strong finger placed over her lips stilled her protest.

“Your safe-word is ‘sanguine’,” Marco whispered. “Use it, and everything stops, and you can go home…but you won’t, because that will mean you admitted defeat,” he added with a wicked chuckle.

Damn, you, you smug bastard, you know full well I won’t use it now!

Carlotta’s eyes flashed in anger in the darkness, but it was anger filled with lust. She’d never tried light bondage before, and as she tested the bonds she had mixed feelings: this meant trusting someone else implicitly, someone she had only just met, someone who moreover she knew was a vampire, who drank blood, who wanted to get her pregnant with his child. On the other hand, she wanted him to fuck her and added dimension of the restraint was making her pussy drip, because it meant he was taking complete charge.

She was glad it was dark, because she didn’t want him to see the crimson flush of shame in her cheeks as she acknowledged that she really did want a man who could master her. This meant that now Marco would be doing most of the running, and that was what she secretly wanted

Why does this bastard have to be so right about me?

Marco wasn’t idle, though. His strong hand gripped the hair at the back of her neck and pulled her head back to expose her throat. His lips kissed her there, his teeth grazed her..

“Oh I would like to feast,” he whispered, “but no…not tonight…not for years yet, if ever, my sweet Carlotta.” He kissed downward, to her breasts, nipping and sucking as well as kissing he tortured her engorged nipples with pleasure and a taste of pain, his hands kneading her sensitive flesh, and her pussy throbbed in sympathy. She moaned in anticipation as he kissed his way further down, across her belly, and she spread her legs and tilted her hips up almost pleading with him as he reached the waistband of her panties.

He paused, and Carlotta realized she was panting with lust.

Go on, go on! She urged mentally, but he didn’t. In the very dim light she could see his pale torso as he lifted himself off her to kneel on the bed between her legs. He slipped his fingertips inside the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down, bringing her thighs together, then lifting her legs up high to lift them off her and toss them aside. His cool hands pushed her legs apart once more, spreading her wide open.

“Beautiful,” Marco murmured.

He can see in the dark, she thought, as she suddenly felt very naked before him, her arms restrained and her legs wide open. Her eyes met the dark, shadowed pits that were all she could make out of his, as he stood at the foot of the bed and stripped off his pants and shoes. Carlotta could only make out that much, and his proud and hard cock, because of the paleness of his skin. He knelt between her thighs again, pushing them wider apart, and again she tilted her hips as if offering him her sex.

Go on, lose control, fuck me, she pleaded in her mind as she bit her own lip to stop herself begging. If she could avoid begging, and make him please her of his own choice, she knew in her bones she would have won.

But he didn’t.


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In the paranormal romance/erotica genre, there is one theme you absolutely cannot escape: vampires.

So why are vampires “sexy”?

If you are the kind of geek who reads up on their mythology, vampires going back through time are actually pretty un-sexy: they are ghosts or walking corpses, and they suck the life out of the living. About the only thing that really marks them as sexual at all is that they prey preferentially upon young women – although this may well be a trope the way fictional Martians in the fifties seemed to be always after young women for reasons inexplicable. The very first vampire flick, Nosferatu, sums up the vampire-as-monster concept very well.

Then comes Bella Lugosi, and suddenly the vampire is wealthy, debonair, and attractive. Instead of eternal undeath, he or she offers the promise of eternal youth and all the carnal pleasures of the flesh for eternity. Vampires are suddenly erotic. Given their immortal status of ultimate sophisticate and ultimate monster, they are also romantic figures caught between love and lust, mortality and immortality.

The chain of sexy vampires runs through many incarnations, through Christopher Lee and the stars of other incarnations of Dracula (including Gary Oldman), and then it gets mated with the teen angst and girl-power of Buffy in the nineties. Buffy had it good, with vampires a mix of man and monster, soulless and soulful. They could be the enemy, but you could sympathise with a few and see the tragedy of many.

Then came Twilight….which if you ask me took it way too far, with sparkly youthful vampires getting all gooey-eyed over one another. I know some people liked it, but I prefer Lady Gaga’s take: if it ain’t (a bit) rough, it isn’t fun.

So when I set out to write vampire stories, I had to think a lot. There were many points I made to myself about how my vampires should be:

Believable: for my own satisfaction, I want my vampires to have a rationale that makes sense. If making vampires is easy, the world would be overrun with them, if it’s too hard there won’t be any, and whatever it is has to make sense.

  • Old: Vampires are meant to be “immortal” or at least very long lived. You don’t get to be that old without accumulating some cash, and you do not get to do that without changing your way of thinking. At the very least they would have an ego, at worst they will distance themselves from the “cattle” of humanity a great deal. Most would lie between the two extremes.
  • Experienced: hand in hand with old, the amount of experience they have would mean that they have become skilled at fitting in and not ruffling feathers. At the same time, ego means they will want people to take notice of them…this is a paradoxical situation, resolved by revealing much to those who they draw in, nothing to those outside that group.
  • Monstrous: However I made them, I wanted at least hints of the monstrousness they could be capable of. I wanted them to feel dangerous, at the very least.
  • Tragic: I also wanted pathos for them, they are after all immortals in a mortal world. Anyone they get close too who isn’t a vampire must age and die before their eyes. That will leave emotional scars.
  • Long Term Thinking: surviving vampires will plan for the long term. They will establish networks of contacts and traditions of support for themselves.

Vampirism, I decided, would be like a virus that only a few people are susceptible to via genetics. Hence you will have families that will often become vampires when bitten, and others that will not. Vampires have slower metabolism and are very long-lived, but they are fundamentally alive. They will have great strength, sharp senses, but will be highly photosensitive. They will burn very easily in sunlight, but it won’t kill them. Of course they need blood, as their bodies become naturally anaemic. That also makes sex viable, as they are still alive and still have urges – and vanilla sex will get boring after a century, I’m sure.

So armed with my notes I went about creating my characters…

The recluse: My first vampire I made as a recluse: he lives alone, he maintains only those contacts necessary to maintain his wealth and indulge any desires he has. He is a creature of habit, scarred by past relationships. He’s vulnerable, but a little scary because of the way he distances himself from others. He would live in the country but commute to the city when he needed to. So what if he broke down on a return journey, and who would come across him?

The hero: This vampire I decided to make “noble” in every sense of the word, I wanted to make him a humanitarian with links to families that he can rely on for support in return for past deeds rendered. By making him traditionally European I had a great way to make that heroism clear, by his acts to resist Nazi occupation – sheltering Jews in his castle, assisting allied troops and resistance fighters, and so on. This gave a great “in” to the heroine, as this vampire would have networks on both sides of the Atlantic, and my heroine becomes a student traveller. I did want to add a hint of tragedy into my hero, though. A humanitarian who has to watch and wait while those he loves grow old is going to need to give himself a certain amount of emotional distance. Hence we have a lover who cannot ever commit to loving someone.

The Survivor: Given the nature of my vampires, AIDS was something that would hit them hard and destroy many (one reason for my publishers “Endangered Species” series theme). Those that were left might well band together, and seek ways of feeding safely. How to meet my survivor? Well, he’s like other vampires, once you get to know him you won’t forget him – especially if you are a history buff. So the coffee shop meeting became my setting for this story. However, the company of predators is not safe for humans…

The Throwback: Some will find it hard to change, and this vampire I decided would be one of those. Now in some respects an old-fashioned gentleman would be romantic, but if you think about it in others he’d be a condescending misogynist. By turns he would be infuriating and beguiling. Back to my subject of cultivated allies and bloodlines, I took my heroine from one of these bloodlines and thought about how her life would develop being the child of a vampire – almost certainly without knowing it. Then as she’s the child of a vampire, they’d want her to have a child by another vampire, to keep the bloodline strong in whatever factor makes a vampire. Now I have my protagonists, all I have to do is put them together…

So there, four stories of vampires, and four heroines for them to seduce. Check them out, I think you’ll enjoy them!

ES - Vampire Collection


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So, why write?

Why do we write?

I once heard it said that “you don’t become a writer because you can write, you become a writer because you can’t not write.” I think that sums it up. Since I first read a book, I wanted to write one. I wanted to create stories, and I did.

All. The. Time.

No matter where I was or what I was doing I wrote. At school, my essays were flights of fantasy. At university I scrawled ideas for SF novels. At every place I have worked I think I’ve left impressions of a notepad or files on a drive from when I spent a spare half an hour in my lunch-break playing around with ideas.

I can’t not come up with stories and ideas, and I HAVE to write them down to organise my thoughts.

So why am I writing erotica?

Well, it’s fun. Whatever your story is about, it’s about people, and one thing people do is they fuck. They get involved with one another. Indeed it can be argued that just about any story that is made is about at least one person, and it’s about that person’s relationships…and sex is part of many relationships. The reason the sex in my stories often includes being tied up and spanked, or various other kinks, is because I like that sort of thing.

But one thing I will say…it’s hard work. Like everything in life there is only so much inspiration before you have to put in the perspiration. As for money, well I’m still waiting to make something substantial.

All the same, I now can’t not write…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



It’s been a week!

A week since I launched my Blog, and I am sure both of the people who stopped in to read my thoughts have been entertained.

Flaming Hot June is going well, not brilliantly but well. I am, I hope, reaching many new readers and I really hope they are enjoying my sexy little shorts. Some people prefer longer stories, I know, but here’s a point people may not have noticed, and that’s that I often interconnect my works. Obviously Lydia’s Path is a serial story, although it can be read as individual stories – indeed, judging by the sales of Pony Play, that one is reaching a WAY wider audience than anything else I have written!

Other than Lydia’s Path, the three series of Dominance & Submission, Dominant Displays, and School of Discipline are also interconnected. The first two series involve the same couples, and in Dminant Displays they are all present at the same party. School of Discipline takes one of the characters in Dominance and Submission and introduces him as a teacher in the reform school…being a slave trainer AND a history teacher has it’s perks. Oh yes, and lots of kinky sex and bondage, but you probably knew that already…

Check them out, please, while they are reduced 😉

Dominance & Submission: The Collection


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D&S Collection

Dominant Displays


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DD - Collection

School of Discipline: The Collection


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School of Discipline Montage

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Going Strong!

Well, I’ve managed a lot of sales the last week since I started Flaming Hot June, which is nice, but the main thing is reaching new readers for me. If you’ve enjoyed any of my stories, please leave some feedback in the form of a review. If you didn’t, you can contact me and tell me where you think I went wrong. Believe it or not, writers need both forms of criticism to get better!

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#BDSM #Erotica #Adult #Vampire #Werewolf #Spanking #Paranormal #KindleFlaming HOT June

Lydia’s Path

This series was the very first erotica I conceived and wrote – and I still haven’t finished writing it! So far it extends to ten episodes, with at least two more to come. The series tracks the adventures of Lydia, a girl who has become hooked on the idea of BDSM, but hasn’t really plumbed it’s depths and has had a bad experience when one boyfriend took BDSM to mean “use and abuse”. Distrustful of men, Lydia scours the web for something different and find a dominant couple looking for a potential slave. As she will be serving the woman foremost, Lydia feels somewhat safer and elects to see what this experience might entail. Enter her exploration not just of her depths of submission, but also her sexuality. She discovers she is not the only slave in the household, and the household includes guests…


Slave Girl Montage