Lydia’s Path

This series was the very first erotica I conceived and wrote – and I still haven’t finished writing it! So far it extends to ten episodes, with at least two more to come. The series tracks the adventures of Lydia, a girl who has become hooked on the idea of BDSM, but hasn’t really plumbed it’s depths and has had a bad experience when one boyfriend took BDSM to mean “use and abuse”. Distrustful of men, Lydia scours the web for something different and find a dominant couple looking for a potential slave. As she will be serving the woman foremost, Lydia feels somewhat safer and elects to see what this experience might entail. Enter her exploration not just of her depths of submission, but also her sexuality. She discovers she is not the only slave in the household, and the household includes guests…


Slave Girl Montage


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