It’s been a week!

A week since I launched my Blog, and I am sure both of the people who stopped in to read my thoughts have been entertained.

Flaming Hot June is going well, not brilliantly but well. I am, I hope, reaching many new readers and I really hope they are enjoying my sexy little shorts. Some people prefer longer stories, I know, but here’s a point people may not have noticed, and that’s that I often interconnect my works. Obviously Lydia’s Path is a serial story, although it can be read as individual stories – indeed, judging by the sales of Pony Play, that one is reaching a WAY wider audience than anything else I have written!

Other than Lydia’s Path, the three series of Dominance & Submission, Dominant Displays, and School of Discipline are also interconnected. The first two series involve the same couples, and in Dminant Displays they are all present at the same party. School of Discipline takes one of the characters in Dominance and Submission and introduces him as a teacher in the reform school…being a slave trainer AND a history teacher has it’s perks. Oh yes, and lots of kinky sex and bondage, but you probably knew that already…

Check them out, please, while they are reduced 😉

Dominance & Submission: The Collection


Barnes & Noble:

D&S Collection

Dominant Displays


Barnes & Noble:


DD - Collection

School of Discipline: The Collection


Barnes & Noble:


School of Discipline Montage

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