So, why write?

Why do we write?

I once heard it said that “you don’t become a writer because you can write, you become a writer because you can’t not write.” I think that sums it up. Since I first read a book, I wanted to write one. I wanted to create stories, and I did.

All. The. Time.

No matter where I was or what I was doing I wrote. At school, my essays were flights of fantasy. At university I scrawled ideas for SF novels. At every place I have worked I think I’ve left impressions of a notepad or files on a drive from when I spent a spare half an hour in my lunch-break playing around with ideas.

I can’t not come up with stories and ideas, and I HAVE to write them down to organise my thoughts.

So why am I writing erotica?

Well, it’s fun. Whatever your story is about, it’s about people, and one thing people do is they fuck. They get involved with one another. Indeed it can be argued that just about any story that is made is about at least one person, and it’s about that person’s relationships…and sex is part of many relationships. The reason the sex in my stories often includes being tied up and spanked, or various other kinks, is because I like that sort of thing.

But one thing I will say…it’s hard work. Like everything in life there is only so much inspiration before you have to put in the perspiration. As for money, well I’m still waiting to make something substantial.

All the same, I now can’t not write…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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