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This post is part of the @mywritingprocess blog tour!

I was involved in this by the wonderful and very talented Jenna Fox – take this chance to learn about her!

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Jenna Fox resides in the hills of Eastern Tennessee.  Spinner of dark tales weaved with erotic moments and mysterious alpha males.  Greatly inspired by the classics: Alfred Hitchcock, Ira Levin, and Stephen King to name a few.  Enjoys crafting stories with unexpected twists and shocking endings.
Indulges in an occasional glass of wine and consumes entirely too much caffeine.  Believes in ghosts and God and that chocolate soothes the savage beast.

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Thanks for involving me, Jenna, it’s really appreciated and I am happy to answer the four questions on #mywritingprocess


What am I working on?

My current WIP is called “Training Amanda” and is a spin-off from the Lydia’s Path series. It follows how Lydia’s fellow slave Amanda first met the Weston couple and was trained by them as Phillip Weston’s slave, with particular attention to cat, cow, and pony training.

Blurb for Training Amanda

Amanda Tonkin knew the moment she laid eyes on her new boss, Phillip Weston, that they would be having an affair. But while she could tell he would be a strong and demanding lover, she had not imagined how fully he and his wife would take over and dominate her life. From being taken over his knee at his desk and spanked like a child, to his irresistible wife insisting she dress as a French maid and do the housework at weekends, to the constant sexual demands they both made of her, she found herself plunged deeply into a sensual world she had no desire to escape from.

It’s when the bridle and tail came out that Amanda discovered just how much she enjoyed their dominance, and how far she was willing to go to please them, and herself…


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I tend to like my stories to hold both in internal and external consistency – in this case, it’s taking characters from an existing series that were originally presented fully formed, and goes into their background – a prequal, if you will.

One of the biggest steps in writing fiction is getting your reader to enter the willing suspension of disbelief, and the best ways of doing so is to establish what is called verisimilitude – that is, the internal logic of the world you write about. It’s much less important in contemporary fiction than it is in fantasy or science fiction, but it is important that your “world” follow along logically so that your reader “knows” where everything is. That imaginative expectation fills in the background to make the immersion in your world more complete. I don’t know if  I really do this differently, but it’s an aspect I am very conscious of.

I want to immerse my reader in the world of sensuality I create, I want them to enjoy the pleasure, pain, and all the emotion that my protagonist is experiencing. That’s my goal, and while it may be a high target to aim for I won’t stop trying.


Why do I write what I do?

Because I enjoy it. There’s no other reason, writing is something you do not because you can but because you can’t not do it. There’s no point slaving at something you do not enjoy, and in the case of writing it just doesn’t happen. You have to reach the point where you cannot tear yourself from the keyboard because you want to know what happens in the next chapter. You see…we, the writers, do not always know either…

So it’s a pleasure, and it’s also a duty to be true to myself to write. As for my subject matter, I love the strange and unusual, in the bedroom and elsewhere. As the saying goes, I tried being normal once – worst two minutes of my life…


How does my writing process work?

In my case, I start with a concept or scene, sometimes even an emotion or feeling, and work both forward and backward from that concept as realistically and logically as I can. Sometimes the concept is at the end of the story, sometimes it’s at the beginning, and sometimes it’s not an element of the story but of the concept around which the story gets constructed.

With the Lydia’s Path series, I started at the beginning with a “What if…” moment. With my vampires and werewolves I started with the concepts of what vampires and werewolves were and how I could breath life into them, and extended my story concepts around that kernal. With the Dominance and Submission and Dominant Displays series’ I began at the ending – I knew where I wanted to end up (in bondage and having fun), but I had to work out how to get there!

There are a few things I avoid, even though I sometimes push the limits as far as I can. I never indulge my characters in non-consensual acts, for one thing. Very often my protagonists will have a get-out clause agreed between them, which is the way you should play in the real world, and I want me stories to be as real as I can make them, even if they are fantasies. So while my heroines may sometimes feel pushed and coerced, in the end they have the power of refusal.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say “no” either, but hey, they can, if they want to!

Of course, part of the fun in BDSM is that you will do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do or in some cases even admit to wanting to do because you are no longer responsible. You gave the authority to decide to someone else, and oh but it feels too nice to stop…So it’s a fine line we walk, between consent and non-consent, between trust and betrayal, between wanting something and not wanting to admit you want it.

I always did like a challenge.

Thanks for reading, please watch this space for the next three stops on the Blog Tour!


Glenda Horsfall was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. From an early age she was an avid reader. She became engrossed in reading romance novels in her early teens and promised herself that one day she would sit down and write her own. That dream has now been achieved with the publication of her first novel ‘Playing for Keeps’. A tale of Domination and submission the story is also a romance with a Happy Ever After ending! Glenda now lives on the Fylde Coast of England with her own hero. She has a grown up son and three beautiful grand-daughters. Having worked for many years as an Accountant she loves being able to let her creative imagination run wild as she creates romantic stories for you to enjoy.

Catch up with her on Twitter @Glenda Horsfall

on facebook: http://facebook.com/GHorsfallAuthor

on her blog – http://ghorsfallblog.wordpress.com

and website – www.GlendaHorsfall.com


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