A World of “What if…”

A question I have been asked a lot is “How and why did you start writing erotica?”

Well, simply put, a friend asked me. I’ve always wanted to write, but never quite had the incentive to put it all together. I’d tried collaborating with another wannabe writer once on a Gothic horror project, but we ran out of impetus and he moved off to the USA and I am still fixing computers. Then out of the blue a few years back, he pops back up and tells me about an e-publishing company he’s setting up, and asks me if I’d like to try writing erotica…

That was how I started.

My first project, I sat down at my word processor and stared at a blank screen for a moment. So I am writing about BDSM, my personal little kink. I want to write a series of stories all interconnected, but where do I start?

Lydia popped into my head: She’s pretty, but a little shy, she likes being dominated but has had some bad experiences. She knows what she wants, but not how to get it. What does she do? Well these days if you are looking for someone to connect with there’s always the internet. But she’s had bad experiences, will she trust a man? Well, she might trust a woman, if she’s bisexual, but she’ll take precautions just the same.

Just like that, I had episode one of the Slave Girl series: Lydia meeting Mistress Trudy in a pub, and getting coolly seduced and controlled.

That was my first story, and the last in the series is still waiting to be finished!

Slave Girl #1

Slave Girl: the Lydia’s Path series…

It all started with an e-mail:

Dear Shysweet,

My husband and I are lifestyle Dominants who have Switched with one another but would both rather own slaves of our own. My husband’s secretary has become his slave and now lives with us, and I am looking to acquire a submissive of my own to satisfy my needs when they are travelling on business. Naturally, there will be an interview process and trial period, and the depth of the final relationship is open to circumstances and need. I am ultimately seeking a girl for a live-in position here at our home in the Home Counties, a full-time slave. Such a slave would, of course, be available to my husband as well as myself and would be required to have a good relationship with our other acquisitions. On occasion she may be required to entertain guests, with due consideration for safety and taste.

There will be dress codes, ranging from nudity to fetish-wear. Restraints will be used often, as will corporal punishment. Limits will be tested, but respected.

If you are interested in applying for interview to this position, please reply with a resume of your experiences to date and your potential expectations. Tell me your reactions to the outline of duties above and what you can offer to satisfy these requirements.

Yours faithfully,

Mistress Trudy

It led into a whole new world.

Amazon: http://myBook.to/LP1-TheInterview

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/omoerra

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/puh6xoe

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