Lydia’s Path, the series

Slave Girl: the Lydia’s Path series…

This series has become my biggest seller, and if you like it in BDSM, it’s somewhere in here – be it spanking, rope bondage, chains, human ponies, sex in every combination…yes, OK, I have a dirty mind. There’s no collection (yet) but it’s all still reduced to 99c a story…

Extremely Adult Content

“Tell me, dear,” she says, her hand resting on my knee, concealed from the rest of the clientele by the table, “what did you choose to wear under than skirt?”

A little thrill goes through me. She told me to wear my corset, as well as the rest of the ensemble I’m wearing, but she hadn’t specified panties. I swallow hard. This is a test, I think to myself.

“Well, Mistress, you didn’t specify panties so … I’m not wearing any,” I reply softly and breathlessly. I can feel my pussy grow moist and my nipples erect, so hard they are visible. All of a sudden, the chemistry between us has become very sexual.

“Truly?” Her smile widens, and my heart skips a beat. She likes what I did! Her hand slides up to the top of my stockings, under the hem of my skirt. Our eyes lock; I cannot look away.

“Yes, Miss,” I confirm. “I thought that if you intended me to wear panties you would have said so.”

“Oh, I would have, and I like that you understood.” Her hand slips higher, and her long-nailed fingers probe the soft curls around my sex. “You have lovely silky hair, my dear.” She strokes my ponytail with her other hand, and to any onlooker she is merely commenting on the hair on my head when she says, “Very nice hair for such a dirty slut, walking in here with no panties on.”

I gasp at her casual delivery. I’m not used to using such language outside the bedroom. Maybe it’s also the way she is teasing me under the table, as my wetness flows and my nipples harden.

“Th-thank you, Miss,” I reply, concentrating on sitting still as she plays with my pussy. “Yours is very beautiful, too,” I add with genuine admiration.

“Thank you, my dear, although I do shave. I insist on it with my slaves, as well,” she purrs to me. I catch the hint — she will want me to shave myself, or she will shave me. That’s something I have not done before.

Now her fingertips gently strum my clit. “And you moisturize,” she adds as her fingers dip into my slickness. “What a nice wet cunt.”

“Y-yes,” I pant softly. Her language is only turning me on more! “A girl should always moisturize.” I realize that her nipples are also erect; she is turned on by teasing me.

“How good is your self-control?”

Slave Girl Montage


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