An Excerpt…

At last, I’m free of distractions for a day or two, and I can write! So no long post today, but here’s a brief excerpt from my latest WIP, “Training Amanda” – it’s a spin-off from the Lydia’s Path series, and goes heavily into Amanda’s training as a ponygirl for her Master and Mistress…

“Of course, if you do move in, you will do so as our slave, twenty-four-seven when not here at work,” Master Philip continued, his tone conversational as he stroked Amanda’s bare ass, then brought his hand down to spank her again.

“Two! Thank you Master,” Amanda squeaked. Her face burned with heat, as did her pussy.

“It’s a lifestyle decision,” her Master continued, and spanked her again.

“Three, thank you Master!”

“But it means we can take your training to the next level.” Again his hand came down, making her rump quiver. It burned, a searing heat that sank through her stinging skin and into her bones, making her pussy tingle with the heat.

“Four, thank you Master!” There’s a next level? Amanda wondered. What the hell does that entail?

“I think you’ll enjoy it…you’ve enjoyed most things we’d done so far, haven’t you?”

Draped over his lap, in his office with her bare ass in the air, Amanda could feel her entire body blushing. When she’d first walked into the office she had been a sexually confident woman, unashamed of her exploits. She never thought she could be drawn into anything that could make her blush again…yet Master Philip had found those buttons and pushed them, oh yes.

“Yes Master,” she mumbled.

“I can’t hear you,” Master Philip sang. He spanked her again, harder.

“Five, thank you Master. Yes Master, I probably will enjoy it…you’ve made me enjoy everything so far,” she confessed. Like the way I was tied to the bench, with you fucking me hard as your beautiful wife sat on my face and made me use my tongue on her pussy and you both made me come and come and come…

A little shiver ran through Amanda, and she could feel a moist little trickle down her slit as her pussy got so wet it dripped. Master Philip’s fingertips stroked her labia, slipping up her groove before he slowly and deliberately slid a strong, firm finger into her hole and probed inside for her magic spot. Amanda bit her lip as her head spun with pleasure and her pussy squeezed his finger lightly.

“So what do you say?” master Philip teased her.

It was useless to resist, Amanda couldn’t refuse Philip, her Master. His control of her was like a drug, an addiction, and it was so good!

“Thank you, Master, I would love to move in with you both,” Amanda moaned.

And that was just the beginning…

The Lydia’s Path series is available from the usual outlets, and so will “Training Amanda”…

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