Are Friends Electric?

A kink I have heard little of in literature, but have mentioned in some stories of mine, is electrical stimulation.

Now there are a variety of ways to do this, and the most commonly known is the “violet wand” – rod with a pair of electrodes at the end for delivering small shocks to the person it is applied to. This is a “punishment” device, something used in the same way as a crop or cane, to deliver a brief jolt of pain. The nature of electricity also means that the subject often gives an involuntary jerk as they are shocked, and while it can be quite painful there are few lasting effects or signs of damage, which is why it is a favourite of some. Some people improvise different kinds of “prods” but this can be dangerous depending on the current and voltage used – my advice is to stick with devices marketed as toys and always follow the instructions!

However, electrical stimulation can be used in other ways as well. One of the easiest ways to experiment with these methods is to use a TENS machine. These devices are marketed as pain-relief, very often to pregnant women about to undergo labour. As such they are very safe to play with, they can’t hurt you or deal serious damage. They work by using pulsed current sent through electrodes usually attached to the subject via stick-on pads. However, imaginative users can easily adapt metal clips and clamps to attachment to more sensitive areas. The current can then be passed through other body parts to either cause involuntary twitching, or else to stimulate the subject directly. Some sex toys are designed specifically to deliver this kind of current, via specialised fittings designed to attach to or penetrate the body: both dildo’s and butt-plugs are available with attachments for electrodes. Some also connect to chastity belts so that your sub can be locked up tight and played with at the end of a wire without removing their belt.

These can all be find to play with, but anything entering you MUST be used as instructed. Current applied to the skin tends to flow over the body rather than through it, so a higher current is often used to get the desired effect. The opposite is true if you are penetrated by one of the electrodes – then the current will flow through you, and a high current can disrupt the body’s nerve impulses and this is not a good thing if those are the ones keeping your heart beating.

So the message is, whatever you do with electrical play, use the things designed for it and always follow the instructions. Never place something inside your body designed to be used on the outside, or run a current internally that is advised for external use only.

Why do it?

It’s very hard to describe electrical stimulation if you have not experienced it. It’s something like feeling a prickling or pulsating pressure in your skin, but that doesn’t do it justice. In additions, because it is direct nerve stimulation it can have effects other than just the physical sensation. As mentioned, it can cause involuntary muscle spasms, which can be wonderful for removing another level of control from a submissive. Being restrained, then made to writhe, makes a sub very much the plaything of the person holding the control box. While the sensations can be pleasurable or painful, they are seldom enough to cause either climax or lasting damage, so they are very good for teasing or long-term punishment. After an hour or two of being made horny and wet (or hard) by a few well-placed electrodes you can be easily made to beg for relief!

When being punished over time, the subject won’t have any marks or lasting damage, while the pain is brief and intense. This helps release endorphins for a “high” sensation but avoids lasting soreness – so the subject can take more pain, in the short-term. It is also safer to use on more sensitive areas, like the genitals (although it WILL hurt like hell!).

Electrical play is one of those things for which you really need specialised equipment, but if you have it, then it can be a lot of fun to play with, both as an aperitif and as the main event.

In Literature

Of course I have written about it in some stories, and two in which it features very strongly. In Shock Treatment, in the Dominant Displays series, it features very heavily as a scene is enacted in which Jennifer experiences something new at the hands of Frank. In Emily’s Shock from the School of Bondage series the streetwise Emily meets her match in Mr. Faraday the science teacher in a predictable fashion…

DD#2 - Shock Treatment School of Discipline #3

Excerpt from Shock Treatment:

Master points to a corner where a St. Andrew’s cross (made of steel tubing rather than wood) awaits me, and I approach with some apprehension. It’s solidly built, but looks industrial rather than comfortable by a very long way. The lengths of steel tubing are jointed in places, which will make it possible to pose me, but there is no visible padding. I shiver, as this promises to be intense.

“Facing out, slut,” Master Frank orders me, with a predatory smile. Crocodiles can smile less suggestively than that. For the first time since my boyfriend became my Master, I am a little nervous about the fact. I climb onto the scaffold, my feet on two rests and my hands gripping two more points above my head. Master takes some short, padded lengths of scaffolding and secures them with quick-release pins that my fingertips cannot quite reach to lock each wrist in place. Two more pin each ankle, and I am now effectively locked in place in a spread-eagle, facing outward.

Reaching around me, Master unbuckles my breast-harness and draws it off me, releasing my tits. Easing the vaginal hook out of my pussy, he drops the garment (and I use the word in the loosest possible sense) to one side. Calmly, he uncovers a small box with controls on the top and a dozen wires extending from one end, including a mains feed. Each wire ends in a sticky pad like a medical sensor. He starts to stick these to me. Four to my abdomen, two on each breast, two to my butt-cheeks and two on my sex either side of my clit.

It must be a Tens or something similar, like those electrical exercisers you can buy. I know enough of such things to understand that most of the current will flow through my skin. There’s no chance of electrocution, but enough will penetrate to give me sensation and make my muscles twitch. Master starts to play with the controls, and a sensation like a series of fluttering ripples cross my belly. Then my abs contract sharply several times, making me gasp. I can visibly see them twitching and tightening hard, and I can feel them too. I have no control, though, no ability to relax.

My butt suddenly clenches hard as well, and I whimper with frustration as I am denied even the most basic control over my own body. It doesn’t hurt that much, but it makes me feel more helpless and out of control over my own body than I have ever done before, an assault that bypasses my body directly to my ego. I give a long whimper as the fluttering, rippling sensation flows across each of my nipples, and they snap as hard as nails, harder than I have ever felt them before. Another wave of stimulation does the same to my clit, and suddenly my cunt isn’t just wet, it’s literally dripping onto the floor as I moan in fear and frustration and a lot of arousal.

Master adjusts the controls, and now it hurts as my ass and belly start to twitch and jerk randomly. I am denied any control over my body by the system. As the same time, waves of stimulation tickle and thrill my nips and clit.

“Ahhhh shit!” I squeal as the sharp contractions and tingles become stronger. The shocks that cause them I now feel as stinging pain.

“Language, slave,” Master admonishes mildly, and presses a button. My entire body jerks and spasms, dangling from my suspension, unable to do anything but squeak and squeal in surprise and horror. After a moment it relents and I sag, panting and tingling as Master casually strips his shirt off and kicks off his boots.

“S-sorry Master,” I whimper, panting hard, my breath shuddering as my abs and ass continue to twitch involuntarily.

“I should think so. I put this together especially for you,” he chides me, moving close to me. His hand strokes through my gash, exploring my cunt-lips and savoring my wetness. “Why, I’d say you were quite enjoying this,” he chuckles. A finger slides easily up my wet hole and explores briefly, wringing a helpless little moan from me – especially as he thumbs a control with the other hand and my clit spasms again, and my cunt contracts sharply.

“F – fu – flipping heck!” I squeak, nearly going cross-eyed.

“What?” he asks, feigning innocence. “It’s not my fault you are an eager little whore, is it?”

“Ahh!” I squeal as the tingling and twitching crosses the pain threshold again, and my body shakes in response. He pulls his fingers from my sex and pushes them into my mouth without preamble, and like a good little slave I lick and suck them clean.

“You are a very dirty girl,” he whispers, hitting me with another burst of shocks.

“Eeek! Yes! Bad! Master!” I squeal as my body jerks and spasms under the assault of the shocks. My head is spinning. Lack of control is a huge turn-on for me, but this is a step further than I have ever gone down that road. I not only do not control my body, it now moves to another pulling the strings.

The sensation is exquisitely humiliating.

Master pauses a moment, and I pant for air as trickles of stimulation still pulse through my intimate areas. My eyes can’t seem to focus for a moment, but gradually they clear. A number of Doms are watching with interest, their subs watching with apprehension or sympathy. Master still has the box in one hand, but in the other is another toy, a wand with two prongs at the end. He extends it toward me, pressing the prongs either side of one nipple.


The sharp crack of a spark and a stab of pain in one tit wrench a squeak of pain from me.

“Hmm. That works,” he remarks

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Emily’s Shock:


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3 thoughts on “Are Friends Electric?

  1. Hmm. My-my…this is certainly an intriguing blog post. Penelope you have got My Muse dancing with the devil in my mind. You are such a fount of useful BDSM information. Thanks for writing such an enlightening post. Oh, and the excerpt from your book, ‘Shock Treatment’ is wickedly salacious, that means I Loved it.

    • I am glad you liked it, I do try and inform and entertain, and yes, shamelessly plug when I get the chance. I’m also glad I got your Muse dancing, I know how important that is for we that create. I’m looking forward to what it produces…

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