School’s In!

It’s that time of year when the new term is about to start and kids are getting their new uniform, doing that last minute homework they should have done right at the beginning of the school holidays, and generally getting ready to get back to the grindstone of school.

School days are amazing although we seldom appreciate it at the time we are in our last years at school. Between acne, raging hormones, oppressive parents, social awkwardness, struggling to be popular, and rules we have to obey, we usually spend our school days moaning rather than enjoying them for the last care-free days we are going to have. Which is kind of a shame, and probably is why we often all dream of being in school again at some point in our lives. Only later do we realize how good we looked, how much potential we had, and how many hot boys/girls we could have scored with if we had only known how.

At the time we modified our school uniforms or stretched the dress-code as far as it would go to stress our individuality and or sexuality – kneel length skirts somehow ended up with the hems almost at the tops of our thighs, blouses got tied and strained over push-up bras, neck-ties were loosened and jackets slung over shoulders. Fashionable boots stood in for sensible shoes, flat soles replaced by heels, stockings and pantyhose for socks, and if regulations went as far as underwear, they were completely ignored!

I guess that’s why a lot of people fantasize about being back in that last year at school, or of dating someone who is. Any adult store has a school uniform or three next to the French Maids and Sexy Secretaries, be it the plaid skirt of some US uniforms, the English gymslip from St Trinians, or the Japanese Sefuko, all there to help us re-live our crush on a hunky teacher with a very different outcome (I assume, I know some girls that got their outcome regardless).

Of course if you are into BDSM, that school uniform with its short skirt and tiny panties is the perfect invitation to pull that naughty girl across Teacher’s knee for a good old fashioned spanking. Skirt up, panties tugged down, and the bare hand on your bottom makes it sting and your pussy tingle, while for him the sight of that wiggling bum and the sound of those whimpered apologies is enough to get him hard with anticipation. A spanking over the desk or against the wall is also very effective, and leaves Sir free to take advantage of the naughty girl’s uncontrollable hormones as well.

For some the roles are reversed, with him the naughty schoolboy and her the strict but hot teacher – and every other combination imaginable as well: it’s a common cross-dressing scenario, or one for both partners to age-play, there are even groups that role-play it all out. The principle is effectively the same in all of them: It’s reliving a point in your life where you became sexually aware, had few responsibilities, and often had someone very attractive in authority over you or working next to you. That pushes a lot of buttons for many people, and in role-playing or fantasies you can take the attraction, and the authority, to new levels no teacher or student could legally engage in for real. Certainly no teacher could tie you over that desk, pull your panties down and cane your bare behind before taking you hard and rough and…

Sorry, where was I?

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that school days are a common fantasy for a great many people in some way or another, and they work perfectly in conjuncture with a little bondage and corporal punishment.


Writing Lines

The issue when wanting to write about a school fantasy is how to keep it believable and most importantly, legal. Having a snog and a grope behind the bike sheds and dreaming of going further is fine when you are fifteen, but when writing erotica you really need all protagonists over the age of eighteen if they are going to take it further.

That’s when I remembered a news story I read once about a school that was set up on one of the Caribbean Islands for really recalcitrant kids. It was in many ways like a prison, parents with out-of-control kids paying to send their children there to get them back under control and teach them that there are such things as consequences. That Island having different laws to the USA, they could get away with effectively imprisoning children without trial and using forms of punishment not sanctioned there.

So if there was a place you could set up a reform school, you could add in the elements you wanted. As long as the students were consenting adults (consenting to the sex, that is, not to being sent to a reform school – I mean you could probably get a lot of adults to consent to that, so many you’d have to queue around the block, but that’s not the point) then there’s no issue. Students can have affairs with teachers, and in fact it’s encouraged as long as the teachers are firmly in charge to continue disciplining the girls.

Hence the School of Discipline series was born.

I incorporated a lot of added ideas into this series, giving it structure.

Uniform – the school has a dress code, although being in the tropics the uniform is necessarily brief because of the heat! So those short skirts we tried to get away with when we were in our late teens are now mandatory…

Orgasm Denial – the girls are compelled to wear chastity belts unless given permission not to. They get no relief save once a week when the belts are removed for hygiene reasons for a short period. Naturally this keeps the girls in a state of frustration, and if they get angry, even this privilege can be revoked. Hence the school encourages self-control, but also gives the girls a powerful incentive to, ah, “suck up” to staff!

Corporal Punishment – the other option for punishment is spanking, caning, and such. Usually administered publicly, spankings are an immediate punishment that reinforces discipline, but avoids the student losing out on privileges. It hurts, it’s humiliating, but when it’s done it’s done.

BDSM – the teachers are in charge of any relationships that develop, and that means a BDSM relationship. The girl’s may be satisfied, but it’s with the teacher’s in charge and training them to higher standards with more extreme rewards and punishments.

Then there were the characters to include. Obviously this Reform School is one kids are sent to in order to avoid a conventional criminal record. So while you may get a few from the official courts, most would be sent as an option and may not even know where they are going. So from this I drew my four lead characters for the four stories:

The Afluenza Girl – this is the spoiled brat who throws a fit because she was given the wrong make of sports-car for her birthday, the queen bee who makes other girl’s lives’ hell at school because she can, and has not the slightest clue about consequences. She thinks that she’s going on a special holiday…

The Neglected Girl – this is the child of wealthy parents who is effectively sidelined and passed off to au pairs to be raised, and seeks attention from her parents. Low self-esteem hidden behind an attitude marks this one out. She’s cried for attention one time too often and is now packed off to yet another place to “fix” her.

The Tough Cookie – this is the streetwise girl who’s genuinely trouble. She knows it all and how to play the system, or she thinks she does.

The Mistake/Set-Up – this girl really shouldn’t be sent to a Reform School, she’s not malicious for attention, spoiled, or criminal – she’s just a mistake, and someone has set her up.

Now with my characters I can write…


School of Discipline #1School of Discipline #2

School of Discipline #3School of Discipline #4


Excerpt from Obediently Schooled:

Mr. Adcock reached into his desk without his gaze moving from Ava’s face, and took out an object. A moment later something cool slipped around Ava’s throat and drew tight. It was not so tight it restricted her, but she could feel its presence and its weight.

A collar.

“From now on, you are to obey me to the letter, to the best of your ability, Ava,” Mr. Adcock told Ava firmly. She shivered, feeling the weight of the collar increase. “You will address me in private as Master Dominic. Do you understand?”

How did I just agree to this? Ava wondered, and why does it feel so good?

“Yes, Master Dominic,” she said aloud. The name rolled off her tongue. Rather than feeling humiliated, or oppressed, she had a tremendous sense of liberation.

“We’ll make more inroads against your lack of self-control, Ava, now we know how to relax you,” Master Dominic added. “Now take off your blouse and your bra.”

Ava shivered with excitement and her fingers fumbled with her blouse. She could stop. She knew she could stop…she just didn’t want to stop. This situation, stripping for her teacher in an empty classroom, was so incredibly erotic, and she was so horny in spite of her sore cheeks. No, in fact her sore ass was making it even more arousing: Master Dominic was in charge, he was running the show, and her ass knew it.

Her blouse slipped off her shoulders, and a moment later her breasts were released and revealed by her bra as she shrugged it off her shoulders. Master Dominic’s hands moved down, stroking across her skin, cupping her orbs in those warm hands. His thumbs caressed her hard nipples, and they tingled hard and sent a shiver down her spine to rest in her steaming pussy.

“Very nice,” he murmured. Ava leaned into his touch; she was desperate, but at the same time very calm. She’d agreed to do whatever he said, so she simply waited for him to give her instructions. Rather than constrained she was experiencing a sense of freedom: she didn’t need to worry about anything.

“Kneel,” he commanded. “You know what to do.”

Ava’s legs seemed to fold under her of their own accord as she knelt in front of her teacher. Her hands reached toward the bulge in his pants, easing the zip down, her slender fingers slipping inside. She shivered as they brushed the silky skin and firm flesh of his cock as she liberated it. His dick was warm, pulsing and firm, standing out straight and proud. She inhaled, the scent of his musk with a hint of a bitter tang as his foreskin rolled back to reveal the dark red-purple of his cockhead.

You know what to do.

His words echoed in her mind as she leaned forward to place a kiss on the tip of his prick. Her soft lips met his most sensitive skin, and she tasted his slightly musty, salty taste as her tongue darted out to tickle the little opening there. Then she swirled her tongue slowly around the head, spreading a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva over it. Her mouth opened wider as she drew the whole of his cockhead into her mouth and she started to suck him slowly. Her eyes closed, she felt even more tension drain out of her body and mind.

This was relaxing, blissful, and fulfilling all on its own: she would please her Master, and he would please her later. Ava had no idea how she knew this, it just seemed right. It was like blowing a boyfriend; it made them yours, showed them what she could do, and put them in her debt. But while normally doing so gave her a sense of power, in this case it was an act of submission – and for some reason she found this an even more powerful turn-on.

Her hand wrapped around his shaft and squeezed it firmly, and started moving back and forth in time with her head. Her other hand gripped his hip and steadied her against him as she sucked his cock.

“Oh yes…not bad…” Master Dominic sighed blissfully. “Now, clasp your hands behind your back, and just use your mouth.”

Ava’s eyes popped open wide and she looked up at her Master. She’d never deep-throated before, but that was what it seemed he wanted. Her hands released him, and she clasped them tight behind her back. Ava sucked and drew his firm cock deeper into her mouth, as deep as she could, before easing back. She sucked hard and deep on each stroke, and his hand rested on the back of her neck, sending a prickle down her back. As she sucked him in, his hand pressed a little, making her take just a little more cock than she had planned.

She gave a meek little sound, feeling her body quiver delightfully. He was taking control, pushing her limit. As her head bobbed back and forth he took control of the rhythm and depth. Before long his cockhead was touching the back of her throat, and she fought the urge to gag – successfully. She felt a rush of pride that she was taking his cock all the way into her mouth.


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