Masturbation Monday…


Here it is, a Monday post to make your hair curl!

Here’s a little teaser to kick off the fun here – please enjoy:

What I am hiding is that I am still utterly nuts about him, and for me the rest of the day passes in a blur. When I get home to my apartment, with most of my things still packed in boxes, I shut the door with my back to it and punch the sky.

“Yes!” I shout to the empty apartment. “This time I’m going to get you Brian Forman!” I pull a napkin out of my purse, one he had used earlier and smell it, inhaling deeply. His cologne, his spicy man’s musk, they cling to it and make my heart sing, and my pussy for that matter. Something about Brian, about his quiet strength, his firm confidence, his perfectly controlled touch, just had my heart doing cartwheels for him. In spite of the fact we’d never slept together, no man ever turned me on the way he did just by being there.

I kick my shoes off, throw off my jacket, and waltz joyfully across the floor in stockinged feet, imagining he is dancing with me. Through the door of my bedroom, and my legs bang against my bed and I fall across it.

“Oh, you devil!” I cry in delight as I land on the bed. “Take me!” I imagine him standing over me, then pouncing on me to rip my clothes off.

I all but tear open my blouse and wriggle out of my bra, rubbing my breasts and tweaking my nipples, imagining he is kissing them, sucking them, even biting on them a little painfully. Hot wetness saturates my panties at the thought and touch.

“Mmmm yes!” I cry, working my skirt up to my waist and thrusting down my panties and panty-hose and kicking them off. My fingers slide over my exposed pussy, imagining it is his large hand stroking my thick curls and pouting lips up and down slowly, making me moan and opening my legs as wide as they can go.

“Please, Brian,” I croon aloud, rubbing my fingers up and down. In my mind’s eye he kisses down my body to place soft kisses on my hot, steaming pussy, and I stroke my clit with a finger slick with my own juices in substitute for his tongue. He was so careful and considerate, I imagined his tongue would be like a virtuoso, playing me like a musician with an instrument, and I take several minutes of teasing myself, making my pussy drip my lust as I teasingly rub my throbbing button.

My free hand fumbles with my bedside table drawer, and takes out BOB, the single girl’s alternative to a man. Please let Brian have a nice cock this big, I pray. I had heard stories of seven or eight inch dicks, but I’ve never seen one personally.

Pressing BOB between my breasts to warm him up, I continue to tease myself, then move him down and switch him on to rub his throbbing length up and down my gash.

“Oh yes Brian,” I croon. I flip BOB on, and he does what no man can do which is vibrate. Teasing my clit with the tip of him, then moving him down between my slick folds, I sigh with yearning.

“This is where I want you Brian,” I moan to the heavens. “Right here, this is what you missed, this is what I want you to do!”

I imagine his musk, his lust, the feel of his heavy, muscular body over mine, pressing me into silken bedclothes as he parts my legs and enters me just the way BOB meets a moment of resistance, followed by a smooth, easy slide into my hungry pussy. Like BOB he is firm and meaty, holding me safe in his powerful arms as he starts to pump it in and out.

“Oh yes, Brian, oh yes!” I cry out, urging him on harder and faster, and BOB obliges. With one hand pumping and the other rubbing my clit with slick fingers I squirm about on the bed, imagining it is Brian making love to me – no, fucking me – to ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Brian, yes!” I squeal. My pussy tingles lustfully and suddenly spasms with a rippling contraction that flows through my groin and up my spine. My back arches and my hips jerk up at my phantom lover as another delicious wave flows through me. BOB grinds in all the way, and my fingers press and grind my clitty as hard as I can as it burns and pulses. My whole body jerks, locks rigid, and I mewl with fulfilled need, then collapse back onto the bed, spent.

“I’m going to get you, Brian Forman. This time I will not let you get away,” I whisper hoarsely to BOB.


Dominance & Submission #3: Trained for Love


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