Looking Forward

I love science fiction. It’s one of my favourite genres, and I love reading it and writing it. I don’t actually have any SF stories out yet under the name of Penelope Syn – although I did a set under my defunct pen-name of Lyvia Lynn Rose – but I still love it. What I love about it is getting the ability to project forward and take a look at what tomorrow might be like, to look at where we might be going as a society.

I find SF writers tend to fall into two or three categories: You have the hardcore, technological, nuts-and-bolts type of SF writer, who really goes hardcore on the science – the science is the thing, the story is built around it. Then you have the sociological type of SF writer who looks at future societies in which the science angle is just a means to an end, where they explore themes of social control and religion. Then you have the “third kind” that is more appropriately “science fantasy” where to all intents and purposes you have a fantasy story with the science taking the place of magic.

Myself, I like my fantasy to be fantasy, and my science to be science. Otherwise I like a blend of the first two, because without the science, well it’s just not science fiction, and without the society you do not have a setting for your story – and ultimately, all stories are human stories, after all. Especially if sex is involved, and in my stories it usually is even if I’m not trying to write erotica…

One of my current Works In Progress is an SF series, looking forward at the kind of society we are creating in the near future (the next few hundred years). I guess it could be nicer, because my “future world” is dominated by a nearly-immortal super-elite who control all the resources, and governments are only nominally democratic if they are at all. This seems to be a trend that’s going on right now, where corporations seem to have more power than governments, and more and more we seem to be dominated by a super-wealthy elite. Global warming has lead to sea-level rise that has swamped many cities and coastal plains, and poverty is fairly widespread.

Technologically, a huge space elevator has been built, and at the top of it is High LIfe Station, an orbital complex where the super-rich do not have to be concerned with pitchfork mobs and where the super-computer that controls the world economy resides. Nominally programmed to self-correct and make the most prudent economic decisions it has in fact been “corrected” to ensure that the wealthy continue to get wealthier, with the predictable consequence that the rest of the planet lives in poverty. This is a projection of current technology, with longevity drugs being currently tested today, and the concept of a space elevator – probably the cheapest and most efficient way of getting into space – becoming technically feasible within a few decades.

It’s not a completely hopeless world, though. More and more people are turning from the existing structures and are setting up on their own or in communities that support one another, scavenging old technology and building on it.

Here’s an excerpt of one of the stories I started, but have currently suspended work on…the heroine Draupadi has travelled to the Terminus of the space elevator to take up a job as an “entertainer” on the High Life station. To make herself more marketable, she has consented to be cybernetically enhanced in a way that will allow her “employer” to take control of certain aspects of her actions and feelings.

Once again she was wearing just a simple robe as she was ushered into another exam room with Dr Pellem and the male doctor who’s name she still didn’t know.

“Hello Pradi,” Dr Pellem greeted her with a cool smile. “Just slip your robe off and hop onto the table, please.”

With a sigh, Pradi complied, feeling both of their sets of eyes on her nude body. She lay down on the table, and she felt Dr Pellem press something to the back of her neck with a click.

“Just relax,” she said. “You’ll experience a few strange sensations as the interface comes out of sleep mode.” Padi gasped as she felt hot and cold shivers thrum through her skin. Sweat broke out on her brow, then she shivered.

“Read outs are looking good,” she heard the male doctor say, and suddenly it didn’t seem to matter that she was nude in his presence any more. She felt very relaxed and happy.

And horny.

Her skin tingled, her nipples erected and she felt her pussy get so wet her juices trickled down her slit. Without thinking she rose off the couch to her feet, the cable still attached to the back of her neck. Then she paused.

“Can you move?” Dr Pellem asked her as the other doctor made notes on his tablet.

To her surprise, Padi couldn’t move so much as a finger. She could only stand and blink and speak.

“No,” she said.

“Do you feel distressed?”

“No…I feel fine. Very horny, and fine.” Padi licked her lips and swallowed, she was on fire, desperate for relief, if she could have moved she would have kissed the other woman on the mouth, or else sexually assaulted the male doctor. Her lust was off the scale!

Why do I feel this way? I don’t normally feel like this, she thought privately.

“Now, can you speak?” Dr Pellem asked.

Padi couldn’t say a word…but still didn’t feel anything but excitement. A part of her found this strange, that she felt no distress at all. Abruptly, her vision went completely black.

“Can you see?” Dr. Pellem asked softly, from very close by.

“No, not at all,” Padi replied, able to speak again.

Vision abruptly returned, and then everything went silent. Dr Pellem clapped her hands next to Padi’s ear, and she heard nothing.

“I can’t hear that,” she said, and couldn’t even hear her own voice. Sound returned, and Padi could move again. With relief she put her hand between her legs and started to massage her clit, moaning with pleasure as the delicious sensations flowed over her.

I’m masturbating, naked, in front of two strangers, she wondered. Why do I feel this is all right?

Sinking to her knees she reached around her ass and probed between her legs with her other hand, finding her set slit she thrust two fingers into it and sighed with relief as she started to finger-fuck herself while her clit throbbed and sang under her fingertips. She was starting to breathe hard, this felt so good!

Before her glazed eyes Dr Pellem was shrugging off her lab-coat to reveal a short dress she hiked up to reveal she was going commando before sitting back in a chair, legs splayed to show off her pussy: a little trimmed bush, with glistening pink lips peeking through it.

“Eat my cunt, Padi,” Dr Pellem said, stroking her sex.

Abandoning her own pussy, Padi crawled across the floor, naked and dripping with lust to the doctor.

Why am I doing this? I’ve never lusted after a woman before, Padi thought. She felt like a passenger in her own body, she should have felt so alarmed, but she was so horny, and it felt so nice. Her lips met the other woman’s labia in a deep, long kiss as her tongue thrust into Dr Pellem’s hole and she lapped up the other woman’s juices greedily. The taste was far from unpleasant…no, it was delicious, or so it seemed.

“Oh yes, lick my clit,” Dr Pellem purred. Padi moved her kisses up the other woman’s groove and lashed it up and down and back and forth the other woman’s pulsing button. This is what I like, maybe she does too, she reasoned and worked her tongue extra-hard. She raised her free hand and probed the woman with her fingers, slipping them inside her sex and pressing up and in to find the g-spot. Soon Dr Pellem was moaning and shaking with pleasure as Padi serviced her like a lesbian whore.

Abruptly she jerked hard, her hands gripped the back of Padi’s head and ground her crotch into her face as she came. At last she relaxed her grip, and Padi could stop. For a long moment she stared blinking at the pussy in front of her. She still felt incredibly horny, and an eerie sensation of liberation came over her.

“That was good,” Dr Pellam chuckled, like a cat lapping cream from it’s whiskers. “I think Dr Simons could do with his cock sucking now.”

Such a blatant suggestion would have outraged Padi – should have outraged her – but now she simply crawled across the floor to the other doctor, who had unfastened his pants to reveal a pale, hard cock standing to attention.

I want to ride that cock! Padi thought as she crawled over, her pussy on fire. I want to get on top of him and fuck him non-stop for the next week! But she didn’t. She took the base of his cock in one hand and wrapped her lips around the hot, pulsing end. Padi had sucked a cock before, but this was the first time she had truly wanted to.

“Oh that’s nice,” the man sighed.

She slowly swirled her tongue around the helmet, and started sucking the dick in as deep as she could go. It hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t gag. She swallowed as much cock as she could before easing it out until just the cockhead was in her mouth, then sucked again. Steadily her head started bobbing up and down as she gave head.

This is strange…I never felt good sucking a cock before now, but now I feel wonderful, Padi thought. Oh by the gods, the cybernetic implant…it’s controlling my actions…controlling how I feel…the realization was purely intellectual. Padi felt no shock or horror, she was just happy as she kept sucking on Dr Simon’s cock. The only issue she had was that she was feeling so horny, yet was getting no relief herself. Padi very badly wanted to be fucked.

With a groan Dr Simons jerked his hips and his cock twitched in Padi’s mouth. She drew him deep, sucking and swallowing as he came in several strong pulses.

“That’s enough now,” Dr Pellam breathed, and Padi drew back and knelt with her hands on her thighs. She still felt very horny, but was happy and relaxed. The sight Dr Simons’ softening cock gave her a warm feeling of pride. Dr Pellem still looked flushed, although she had straightened herself up. “That was very good, Padi…now you realize that a lot of that was from the cybernetic control, but not all of it. I’m telling you this because while you have been controlled you didn’t fight it, you put yourself into it. You shouldn’t feel shocked or bad when the emotion stabilizer turns down.”

Let me know what you think, please!



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