RIP, my PC

It finally happened. After five years of faithful service, my noble PC finally crashed and died on Thursday. I switched it on and although the fans whirred the screen stayed dark, while the usually HD light blinked once and then did nothing. Desperately I have tried to rescue it: I replaced the power supply, hoping that the 5V rail had blown, but to no avail. If the biops isn’t running, the motherboard has died. I am just hoping that the data on the hard drives is intact, although I do have back-ups.

So now comes the desperate scrabble for money to get a new motherboard (and because that PC was OLD a new processor and RAM with it) in order to resume my vocal posts and works of literary genius (hey, I can dream).

In short, what passes for normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Sorry for the problems guys!



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