Al Fresco at the End of Summer


Summer is winding down, and the end of the warm weather means the end of couples heading off into the woods, fields, and other secluded places for a little fun in the sun or under the stars. I have to confess, it’s one of my favourite pass-times. All the BDSM gear might give the impression that the bedroom or the dungeon is the best place to get involved, but a blindfold, a few sticks and some rope can be wonderful in the hands of a former boy-scout!

Then there’s something very primal about sex in the open air, especially out in the countryside. You are surrounded by the sights, smells, and sounds of the natural world, and it gets better when you feel grass and earth under your toes, or under your bum for that matter, with the wind on your bare skin as well as well as the sun or the heat of a fire. It immerses the senses, which heightens those you focus on as surely as depriving them does.

Then there’s an added spice, the fear of being discovered. For your average couple it might be embarrassing being caught at it by the local venture scouts out on a ramble, but being tied up suspended from a tree, naked, or walked like a dog on a lead can lead to equally awkward moments I am sure – thankfully I have never discovered how awkward. I did hear about a troop of scouts on a night ramble in Cranham Woods once who wandered across a local coven of witches out celebrating midsummer, but that’s probably not quite the same.

One thing important to note about al fresco fun is that you should always be careful in choosing your location – not just for safety from people, but from the other elements too, and from your own indulgences. For example, if you like ropes, make sure you have something to cut them with. Trying to unpick a nasty knot in a hurry can be frustrating, after all. A secluded green patch could hide nettles or worse, and walking trails have people walking on them. Some prefer to use a tent for modestly and security, but to me that’s cheating, although I will go along with a natural bivouac or a cave.

So I guess as the nights draw longer, the summer might manage one more gasp of a warm day and if it does, don’t waste it!

DSC_0020  DSC_0023


I wrote my werewolf series with outdoor sex firmly in mind for the most part. Street Wolf and The Wolf with the Red Roses have some outdoor fun in them, and Animal Magnetism has the action taking place in a cave.

Here’s a snippet from The Wolf With the Red Roses, the action taking place out in the desert under the sun:

Understanding dawns on me…this is why he brought me here: to make me understand what I was letting myself in for, if I chose to be with him. My head is spinning with all the information, and I am still not quite sure I believe it all.

“You know I’m in, don’t you?” I say, my voice quiet but firm.

“There’s one other thing,” Matt says, placing a finger on my lips to silence me, and I look askance at him. “Sex. Our body language comes out strongest and most instinctive in sex, and your language and mine can clash. Years ago, it wasn’t known for the wrong things said or done in bed to lead to a really bad end. There’s a way around that, we’ve found.”

“Oh well, that’s OK then,” I say, blushing a little but smiling.

“Is it? It involves ropes and blindfolds.”

My eyebrows shoot up. A hot rush of blood goes not just to my face, but to several other places as well. My nipples are hard as rocks and my pussy is pulsing again. The prospect of being blindfold, tied up, and ravished by Matt has me almost drooling!

“Oh,” I say, surprised. I can feel the blood rush to my face again. “Well, um, never let it be said I wasn’t prepared to be a little, ah, adventurous,” I manage to stutter, still blushing furiously. I’m not blushing just because we’re talking sex all of a sudden, I’m blushing because I am crazily turned on, and if he is telling me the truth about his senses there’s no way he doesn’t know it.

He just grins at me, a grin of triumph and anticipation that tells me without words at all that he damn well does know just how hot I am for him right now! Reaching into his pack he draws out a length of black cloth, and a thick blanket he spreads on the shaded ground.

“I don’t think I’ll need to tie you down,” Matt murmurs, holding up the blindfold, “not in the daytime, at the dark of the moon. This is just to stop you trying to meet my gaze. So long as you don’t try to take charge, you’ll be fine.”

“Me, take charge?” I blush.

“Yes, you are very submissive by nature,” Matt says with a smile. “That’s why I fell for you so easily. Unlike most normal people you put out a lot of the right signals to one of us already.” Reaching out he pressed the folded cloth over my eyes and bound it firmly around my head.

Oh god, this is it, he’s going to make love to me, and he’s going to do it right now, I realize. Along with it, a new thought dawns: My boyfriend is a werewolf…a frikking werewolf! Isn’t this going to be a tricky one to explain to Mom

I feel his firm hands take my arms and steer me onto the blanket, and urge me to lie down. I can feel and smell his closeness, our mingled sweat from the walk, the dry desert sage nearby. His lips claim mine, and my mouth opens for his hot, strong tongue to plunder my mouth. One of his hands locks in my hair as I simply surrender to him. I can feel his hard, strong body against me as he lays me back. The ground is firm underneath me, and I can hear my breathing and my heartbeat in my own ears in the stillness of the hot desert.

My hands reach out of their own accord, and encounter the hot skin of Matt, my lover, and slide around his torso. His heat, his closeness, send electric signals through my mind. His hands tug my shirt from my shoulders, then my sleeveless T-shirt is slowly pulled up to expose my own bare skin. Our kiss breaks for a moment to tug the garment over my head, although I know he could easily rip it in half. I throw my head back, turning my face to one side to expose my throat to him.

He growls, a deep primordial rumble of lust and dominance that sends a shiver down my spine. In that moment I easily can believe that he really is a werewolf; a wild and uncontrolled creature from the id of humanity. It adds a little frisson of fear to the intense arousal his musk has brought about in me, adding to the shiver that runs down my spine as he kisses my throat, grazing it with his teeth and the stubble of his beard. My skin feels hot and tight, and I welcome the relief as his questing fingers release the clasp of my bra, and it too is lost. His kisses run lower, and I am helpless but to arch my back and moan as his lips reach my breasts.

Lips, tongue, and then teeth locate on nipple, and it swells and throbs painfully and still pleasurable at the same time.

“Oh yes,” I whisper, as his kisses move across my breasts to the other nipple, already hard and engorges, and moments later so hard and swollen it felt as if it must burst. My own hands rubbed at the back of Matt’s neck and his shoulders as he worked his kisses down. With a little effort I scraped my own boots off with my feet as his kisses left a hot and cold trail over my abdomen.

Then he was at the belt of my jeans, and felt it tug as he unfastened it and drew it off, then my jeans are unfastened. Panting with need I raise my hips and Matt’s fingers slip inside the waistband of my jeans and panties and drew them down, and I felt the cool air against my moist sex as Matt drew them off me. His hands gripped my thighs even as I opened them to him. I am naked, blindfolded, and opening my legs to a man who is by his own admission both violent and dangerous…and his smell is overpowering, his presence undeniable, I can’t refuse him anything.

Hot breath plays across my pussy, and it tingles with need. A moment later he kisses me there, his tongue thrusting into my wetness, and my bones turn to jelly.

“Oh god yes!” I whimper, fighting to keep from grabbing the back of his head and grinding my pussy into his face as he works that tongue around and up my groove. Then it lashes my clitoris, and my whole body seems to spasm tight as I arch my back and claw at the blanket. “Oh yes!” My voice echoes off the hills around the tiny valley and through the walls of the canyons. Hot and cold flushes rush over my skin as I squirm helplessly in his powerful grasp as his tongue swirls and laps at my pulsing, soaring button.

Wild Discipline Montage

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