Welcome Back Wednesday

Well it’s been a crazy week, but at last my PC is repaired…well, mostly replaced, actually. Only my DVD drive is the same as before, after all the bits I had to swap out after my five-year-old motherboard decided to die on me, but at least I now have an awesome PC that runs about a hundred times faster than before. And isn’t steam powered.


After a week of frustration I am now chilling, and I hope all three of my fans haven’t abandoned me in my long absence. I even had to miss Masturbation Monday, but I’ll get back onto that just as soon as I can. The worst part of the crash was I lost some data, including some edits on my works-in-progress, which I am not happy about at all. So my posts will be brief and to the point until I get caught up with everything.

Slave Girl #5

Seeing as I missed on some teasers, here’s one I haven’t shared before. It’s from Lydia’s Path #5: The Party, and…well I’m sure you’ll get the idea. Our new slave girl is currently hooded and gagged and being taken somewhere…

Time passes, the car moves, and I wait.

Then after a while, it stops.

Cool air heralds the uncoupling of my safety belt, and a tug on my collar – probably from a leash – leads me out of the car, into cool night. Then into warmth, and the cloak is pulled off my shoulders, leaving me naked and exposed. Led onward again I walk as I have been instructed: with a proud sway of my hips, knowing the small bell on my clit piercing is jingling even if I cannot hear it. I know there must be people watching me, eyes on me, voices talking about me. The air around me moves and shift in temperature from the close proximity of other bodies near mine.

My skin flushes and tightens at the thought, and my head feels light. My nipples erect almost painfully, and my pussy gets warm and soon I will be wet. This party is not just a bondage party; it is a sex party too. Before the end of the night I will very likely be getting fucked by someone I have never met before. This has happened to me only once before, when Master Daimon visited Master and Mistress and had me for the night.

It was a fucking amazing night and I get wet just remembering.

I’m brought to a halt, turned to my right and have to shuffle forward until my small but firm breasts nudge into a larger, softer pair as naked as mine – probably Amanda’s as we are left standing, touching one another for a while.

A touch on my buttocks, a hand strokes them and then spanks them lightly making me squeak around my gag as my bum stings and quivers. The hand is gloved in latex or plastic, and another hand joins it, stroking my naked skin and exploring me intimately, sending shivers up and down my spine. My ass, my tits – from the touch and motion, I surmise Amanda is being felt up as well. I gasp as a hand dips between my legs, playing with my clitty-bell, rubbing my wet entrance, and I gasp and mewl with pleasure through my gag.

I am breathing heavily, very horny now, and both apprehensive and excited about what is to come. Without doubt I will be used and spanked and fucked, that much is obvious to me. These hands could be my Mistress’, or my Master’s, or they could be anyone’s. I could be almost alone in here, or surrounded by a crowd, and not knowing only adds to the excitement I am experiencing.

A tug on my leash draws me away from the other girl, and now many hands are all over me: male, female, naked and gloved. The hands tug and tweak my nips, squeeze my bum, jiggle my tits, rub my pussy, and more than one finger introduces itself to my hole or my ass, making me moan and squirm a little as I stand there, letting a crowd of faceless people make free with my body, raising my sexual tension higher. My gag suddenly releases and drops from my mouth, and gloved fingers tasting of my own juice push between my lips for me to suck on.

Another tug on my collar and I walk forward obediently, and kneel when it tugs down, regretfully away from all those wandering hands that have left me so horny and wet I am trembling.

There is a crackle, a burst of static startlingly loud in my ears as the earplugs that cut out my hearing now serve their second function of allowing my owner to give me orders.

“Lydia, you are facing a slave on a St Andrews’ Cross,” Mistress’ voice is loud and clear. “Find their cock and suck it, if you can make them cum in five minutes, you get a reward and they will be punished. If they last they get to fuck you, and if they make you cum, they get the reward and you will get punished.” I can hear the amusement in her voice. The punishment will likely not be bad, but I know that she wants me to do her proud. The edge, of course, is that I am horny and want to cum myself, but I must deny myself to please my owner.

“Yes Mistress,” I reply obediently, my pussy tingling. My voice sounds very strange to me, isolated, echoing in my own head.

I open my mouth and hands guide me forward, shuffling on my knees until I can smell a mix of male musk as well as a softer, feminine perfume, and a warm cockhead nudges my cheek and I rub my face against it. He is smooth and silky soft, shaven or otherwise stripped of body hair just as I have been. I turn my head and wrap my lips around the meat and start to tongue his glans, savoring his taste. He is uncircumcised, and I roll back his foreskin with my lips as I swirl my tongue around his cock-head slowly before I start to suck him in earnest, my entire body bobbing back and forth thanks to the restrictions of collar and arm-binder.

Thanks to Master Phillip I have become quite the cock-whore; under his tuition I now suck like a pro. Of course I want the slave to cum, and I can tell by his tension and throbbing he is straining not to. Unable to hear him, I am sure I can feel him moaning through his rigid meat. I lick, tongue, swirl, suck, tease and deliver, soon going deep-throat to try and push him over the edge for what feels like an age, but he holds back grimly.

Abruptly a hand grabs my hair and pulls me backward, off that dick.

“Good effort, no prize,” Mistress says, with a wicked chuckle in my ears. “Turn around and offer him your nice wet little cunt, dear. You’re such a dirty tart, if I hadn’t seen how eagerly you gave head I’d think you didn’t make him cum on purpose.”

Lydia’s Path #1: The Interview

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Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/omoerra

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Slave Girl #2: The Trial

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Slave Girl #3: The Collar

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Slave Girl #4: The Training

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Slave Girl #5: The Party

Amazon: http://myBook.to/LP5-TheParty

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/pth7me2

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/nh7lyuh


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