Masturbation Monday – A Teaser

Let’s not muck about, it’s Masturbation Monday and time to get a little warm under the collar. To celebrate the start of another week (or to take your mind off the fact that it is the start of another week) here’s an extra-long teaser this week. This is taken from Lydia’s Path #8: Benefits. Lydia is about the only member of the household not down with flu, and is looking after her fellow slaves and her Mistress. Her Master doesn’t have it, so she is having to single handedly keep him happy. Then he brings a friend home…

 Slave Girl #8

The rattle of a key in the outside door shakes me from my lethargy. It’s late, and I quickly slip my feet back into my shoes and shake out my skirts as I click and jingle down the passageway as the vestibule door opens and Master Philip steps through – followed a moment later by Daimon Smyth, one of the Weston’s close friends, a swinger and a Dom like them, and Master Daimon to me.

I brighten up instantly, Master Daimon is very buff, and hasn’t failed to play with me whenever I have met him in the past. Two sets of male eyes fix on me, as I approach, taking in my sexualized little costume.

They’re both going to fuck me tonight, I think, and with the revelation a hot thrill runs through me, making my nipples tingle and my clit thrum with anticipation.

“Master Philip,” I greet him, with a smile and a curtsey, “Master Daimon.” I perform another bob to his friend. “How may I be of service?” I offer, my fingertips brushing the hem of my dress absently. It’s short, after all, and it wouldn’t take much to flip it up and expose myself.

Right now I am very conscious that I am not wearing panties of any sort, it’s a standing order from my Mistress and Master. The tinkling sound that follows me everywhere is testimony to it, as it comes from a little bell that is attached to a clitoral piercing Mistress Trudy had done when I first signed my slave contract. Sometimes I don’t notice it, and sometimes – like now – it sounds very loud to me.

“Lydia, don’t you play the innocent for Master Daimon, you little slut!” Master Philip growls. “On your knees, mouth open, now!”

Yes, he’s horny all right!

My breath catches in my throat, butterflies flutter in my stomach, and my head feels light. A hot tingle flushes over my entire skin, hardening my nipples, heating my pussy until I can feel my own wetness. I sink to my knees, feeling my heart pound. I have a rush of excitement at the prospect of pleasuring him, of hearing his praise when I am done as I lick my lips and open it in anticipation as Master Philip advances, unzipping his fly so that his big, hard, cock flips into view. As soon as I see it I inhale deeply, his musk and cologne sending a second shiver through me as I close my eyes, hands clasped behind my back, just as Master Philip likes it.

Master’s strong hand strokes my cheek, brushing back an errant lock of hair, and a tremendous sense of euphoria swims over me as my Master guides his erect cock between my lips. I close them around the thick, fat head and suck as he pushes, welcoming him to my warm mouth, moving my tongue around that shaft. He fills my world, controls my every action, even my desires. With him in charge, I can do anything and feel no shame, because he is right: I am a slut, a highly sexual creature who lives for sensual pleasure, adoring giving it and a slave to my own.

His hand grips my ponytail to control my head, and he starts to fuck my mouth while I exalt in my ability to please him as he praises me:

“Oh yes…you do that so well…take it deeper…good girl…you really love this don’t you?”

“Mmmmmm,” is all I can reply with my mouth full of cock, a low moan of pleasure at his words. I so love being enjoyed!

He fucks my face, slow, then fast, then slow. I wonder what Master Daimon is doing, I want to please him too, but like a good slave I keep my attention on my Master’s needs. I breath deeper and faster as I suck and lap eagerly, taking active part in the process of pleasing him even as he controls my head.

“Enough,” Master declares, pulling back suddenly. I wait for a long moment, my mouth open and eyes closed, wishing for his dick to return to me. Did I displease him? “Daimon, please feel free to use her while I finish off that thing,” Master continues.

What thing? I wonder. Master never jerks off, not in all the time I have known him.

Before I can open my eyes and look, a whiff of a different musk and the warmth of soft, naked skin brushing my cheek heralds Master Daimon. I love that musk, it melts me inside, and I feel a new kind of thrill as I turn my head slightly and feel a new hand grip my hair and guide my mouth onto a second cock. One again I am sucking on a man, but this time I am listening too and I can hear metal rattle, and it sounds like something heavy is being moved around.

“Ah Lydia, I’ve missed your mouth,” Master Daimon sighs as I start sucking. “I’ve never known a slave give it up so willingly, and still have her own style.” My heart flutters and skips a beat at his words. I am a good girl (in one respect), loyal to my Master and Mistress, but I will be the first to admit I have a tremendous crush on Master Daimon.

For several minutes I service him orally, very happy to do so, with my place being firmly on my knees. I know by his quickening breath he is close to cumming before he pulls my head back, taking his dick out of my mouth.

I nearly mewl with disappointment before his hand still on my hair tugs hard and I am compelled to open my eyes and stand, with him still holding me by my ponytail.

“Strip,” Master Philip orders brusquely. He is standing next to an odd restraining device he must have assembled while I served Master Daimon: a flat padded base from which a steel pole rises maybe eighteen inches. It’s topped with a second short bar, curved over with a set of manacles at each end. If somebody were laid face-down with the bar between their legs then their wrists and ankles could be fastened into the manacles in a hog-tie posture. You can tell the bar goes between a girl’s legs, because there’s a large dildo, already glistening with lube, fixed horizontally to the bar a few inches off the ground.

My pussy pulses hotly, it – and I – know just where that dildo is going.

Even as I think, my hands are moving automatically to my Master’s command: a quick tug and my apron is undone and dropped to the ground, and my black satin dress and white fluffy petticoats are sliding down my stockinged legs. Last of all I unfasten my bra and discard it, leaving me in just a tight waist-cinching under-bust corset, stockings, and my heels.

“Lie here,” Master says with a wicked grin, pointing at the ground in front of the device.

“Yes Master,” I say, my voice comes out as a whisper. I feel a hot and cold flush pulse through my skin as I kneel in front of the device, extending my legs either side of the central bar. I lower myself to the ground, the cool floor sending goose-bumps through my flesh. Master Philip grasps my wrists and pulls them back, forcing my back to bend and lifting my breasts off the cold floor until he can lock both of my wrists into the device. Now it’s just my hips resting on the padded base just in front of that dildo.

A sudden, sharp slap on my ass stings hard enough that I give a startled squeak. Master Philip has sunk down beside me, and he strokes the curve of my ass. A second spank on the other cheek from my master makes me squirm and gasp.

“Don’t start so, Lydia, you know you like being spanked,” Master Philip chuckles, pushing his hand down between my legs and stroking my naked pussy, his fingers slipping easily through my moist gash. The sting in my cheeks is a warm contrast to the cold of the pad, and my tingling skin seems to spread that heat into my sex. Fingers stroke me very intimately, probing at my opening, and I bite my lip as they invade me. He slides them slowly inside my pussy and little fluttering thrills ripple through my sex as he plays around. I moan softly as his thumb locates and strokes my clit in sync with his fingers slowly masturbating me.

“Shall I take her feet?” Master Daimon asks my Master, his voice deep and wicked.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” Master Philip replies, easing his fingers out and spreading me open. Master Daimon grips one of my ankles in each hand and holds them wide apart, then pulls them firmly so my hips slide back along the pad…

“Oh!” I gasp as the head of the dildo presses precisely against my slick entrance. A slight tug and my pussy yields to the dildo, and it stretches my hole wide as it slowly fills me inch by inch. Master Philip has removed his hand, and he just watches with a grin as I am slowly impaled. My distended lips press against cool metal, I am very full, almost uncomfortably so. My pussy twitches and I feel it give little fluttering squeezes almost out of my control.

My knees bend and my ankles are locked in place in the device, my feet inches from my hands, and my spine curled back. My head is raised up, but the strain isn’t too bad on my arms. I’ve been hog-tied before and it’s not that uncomfortable – at least at first.

“How does that feel, Lydia?” Master Daimon asks me, quite cheerful and nonchalant as if he was asking about the weather.

“Very full, Master Daimon,” I reply honestly, trying not to breathe hard. I’m getting little rushes of hot and cold as I often do when restrained.

Master Philip is feeling around the base of the dildo, his touch brushing my labia, and there is a click. Immediately the dildo starts to vibrate, the throbbing pulsations filling my pussy and spreading like a slow, warm wave through my body. I can’t restrain it, I moan aloud and my eyes close as I shiver with delight and frustration: the vibrations alone are very nice, as is the dildo in me, but it isn’t moving in and out, and my poor clitty is feeling very left out.

Master Philip pushes something into my mouth, a cold metal ring, and straps are pulled around my head – a ring gag, I’ve worn them many times before. With my mouth held open I can’t speak, and I know I will be used orally again. I take a deep breath and let it go, feeling myself relax. Master Daimon is pulling on my long ponytail, probably securing it by rope to the bar so that my head is now held up. Now I’m fully immobile and totally helpless on the hallway floor.

“Drink?” Master Philip asks Master Daimon.

“Don’t mind if I do, thanks,” Master Daimon replies, and like that both men leave me there.

The feeling that fills me isn’t fear, its contentment. I have no choices, no options, no decisions, and I am pleasing two men I care about by just being here, hogtied and impaled on a vibrating dildo. It’s not comfortable, but it feels so good…

So I wait, listening to the two men chatting and sharing a drink. I’d really expected to get pounded hard by now…so they are saving it up…and that means I will go through my paces later. Oh this dildo feels so nice inside meI wonder what they will do later…my arms ache

Time drags, and I have several hot and cold flushes as I wait. Pain burns in my shoulder joints and my back – not excruciating, but a slow, smoldering ache. My pussy burns hot and cold too, squeezing the dildo involuntarily now and then.

Oh god I want to cum…the thought creeps around my mind, and I groan softly in frustration. I can’t cum unless I am told to…it’s one of the cardinal commands of my Master and Mistress. Indeed, Mistress has trained me to cum when ordered to, and that’s a lot harder. Now I have to tense myself and…

Master Philip suddenly appears, naked and with a hard-on, kneeling in front of me. How long has he been observing me as I squirm and gasp in the restraints, enjoying my frustration and my struggles? It doesn’t matter, as he guides his dick through the ring-gag and into my mouth once again.

I tremble with relief as I suck on him: I have his attention, I am desired, I am rewarded. Even as he starts fucking my mouth fingertips flutter around my ass and the throbbing of the dildo increases, then decreases, varying at random as Master Daimon must be playing with the controls.

My pussy twitches and my body shivers helpless as pleasure ebbs and flows through my helpless sex, growing and then receding, taking me close to cumming and then retreating. I’m being teased and edged mercilessly as my throat makes involuntary moans and whimpers as I grow more lightheaded and my thoughts break up and fragment from the ringing in my ears of that vibrator and my own pulse. I can feel the air cool on my skin, nearly feverish with frustration and delirious with desire as I strive to suck hard and deliver pleasure even as I receive it.

“…eager slut…”

“…loving this…”

“…suck it up…”

“…take it all the way…”

“…dirty girl…”

“…needs more spanking…”

Words are being spoken, but I can’t make them out through my fragmented thoughts. Both Masters swap places, not once but several times. It’s not just me they are denying climax too, neither of them have cum and both are constantly hard as rock as they use me.

Then suddenly, they stop and the vibrator clicks off. It takes several moments for my addled brains too register this change, and by then I can feel my hair being released, then my ankles, and lastly my wrists. Master Philip grips my arms as the restraints on them are unfastened, and lowers my body down to the cool floor and lets me rest a moment.

“Give me your hands, Lydia,” Master Philip orders, he is in front of me now. Raising my hands to his, he pulls firmly, sliding my body over the smooth tiles and pulling off the dildo in one smooth motion. I moan with regret, but he isn’t done. “Up, onto your hands and knees, slut!” he demands, letting go of my hands. Master Daimon is kneeling behind me, and I realize their intention.

No rest for the very wicked, I think as I pull myself up to my hands and knees, raising my head proudly and thrusting out my ass.

“Eager tart!” Master Daimon laughs at my burst of energy, and spanks my butt before grasping my hips and with one long thrust drives his thick, warm, hard cock right where the dildo had been a moment before. A hot rush flows like lava out of my pussy as it contracts to squeeze him, and I moan as I have to really resist the desire to cum.

It feels so good, I want him to like it – me – so much…

Master Philip is kneeling in front of me again and my ring-gag is no impediment as he slides his cock into my mouth. I may not be totally helpless, but I am also far from unwilling as both Doms spit-roast me.


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