Wet Wednesday

After Masturbation Monday, one group I know do a “Wet Wednesday” feature, so let’s talk about water.



Water is first and foremost, a very sensual element. Perhaps it might be so simple as we have to take our clothes off to swim or bathe, but I think it’s deeper than that. Water flows, it has a touch that is strong but can also be gentle. It provides a radical temperature differential, be it warm or cold. We spend our first nine months surrounded and immersed in it, and in birth we leave not just our mother’s womb but the womb of the primordial ocean from which life originally came. Water appeals on a level that is primordial to us.

So it is no surprise really, that water appeals sexually to many of us, if not all. Has anyone reading this blog not gone skinnydipping at some point in their lives? I do whenever I get the chance, rain or shine, swimming pool, sea, stream, or lake. As I live in the UK this usually means the water is cold, but that’s OK because when your blood is up it just adds to the spice – your partner will be warm, regardless! When you are naked in water it surrounds and caresses you everywhere, giving you a sensuality and intimacy you cannot achieve any other way.

You don’t just have to be immersed in water, after all I am betting a lot of you readers have tried sex under the shower too. Again, you have the water streaming over you, exciting the sense of touch along with the wet skin of your lover. Not for nothing do many people masturbate under the shower – in the case of a lot of girls, that moveable shower-head is as popular as their favourite vibrator. A waterfall is a wonderful natural shower, with the added bonus of being close to nature (see my entry on Al Fresco sex). If you aren’t even going that far, wet clothing clings and becomes more transparent, wet skin is slippery and more sensual…you get the picture: Wet is sexy!

Water Bondage

Naturally, water is a tool that can be used in BDSM as well. Obviously you can’t restrain someone with water, but you can use water on someone restrained.


Immersion can be used to emphasise a bound submissive’s helplessness, as they are then dependent on the dominant allowing them to breath – something that is very dangerous, but that some find very exciting. Or the submissive could be immersed or floated able to breath but unable to otherwise control their motion. Water can be used as part of sensory deprivation, if it is lukewarm to remove any sense of temperature. Placing the submissive in cold water can be used as a punishment as well, although care needs to be taken to avoid hypothermia.

Similarly, just getting a submissive wet can chill them, while a stream of water can stimulate the senses. If you are into pet-play, hosing down your pet in the garden is one way to get them clean if they are dirty (or you just feel like it).

One means of employing water is to use streams of it directed at a bound slave’s anatomy. This can be very stimulating and frustrating both, depending on the water force and temperature. There are whole web-sites devoted to water-bondage, just google it!

Slave Girl #7

An Excerpt

Once again, here’s a short excerpt from one of my stories. Yes, I did write a “water bondage” scene, and here it is from Lydia’s Path #7: Time Off.

“Master Nicolas, you’re lacking a sub to play with,” she says, handing my chain to a tall, swarthy man with very black hair. “This is Lydia, please enjoy her.” He has a lean body and is wearing leather chaps and briefs that buckle onto them. My stomach gets butterflies again, and if my sex wasn’t already wet, it would start to drip at the size of the bulge in those briefs. A hard man is good to find, after all.

“Thank you,” he says, his voice is deep and relaxed and directed to Mistress Trudy, not me. He tugs my chain and I start to follow him dutifully. “No,” he says to me for the first time. “Crawl.” Trained to obedience I fall to my hands and knees at once and crawl after him. He heads not for the house’s well-equipped dungeon-basement, or a bedroom, but for the pool room. Master and Mistress have a small indoor swimming pool, and it is part of the fitness regimen we all use. However, it has yet to be used in any of our other fun and games, and now I am not just apprehensive but also quite curious.

I’m not the only one; several guests and their subs follow us to watch the proceedings.

We enter the room and I see that set up on the side of the pool is an electric pump, with several variable-position hoses and nozzles. Like many walls in the Weston household, all the ones in the pool room – and the floor too – have discrete anchor points for restraining us subs whenever desired.

“Put these on.” Master Nicolas tosses me a set of wrist- and ankle-cuffs which were nearby, which I quickly buckle on as he finds chains and clips nearby. My heart is racing, I am not sure what I am anticipating, but it’s likely to drive me nuts.

“Sit here,” he commands, pointing at the nearby wall between two low anchor points and one high one.

“Yes Master Nicolas,” I reply, as I sit with my bum on the floor, back to the wall.

“Arms up.”

I raise my arms, and he clips the cuffs together at the end of a chain he then draws through the high anchor point and pulls until I am stretched taught without my ass quite leaving the ground. Then he locks the chain in place with a click that sounds very firm and final; there is strain on my arms, not quite enough to be painful but nowhere near comfortable.

“Knees right up,” he tells me. I raise my knees to my chest, and he pulls one ankle wide to affix it to an anchor point, then the other ankle to a point on the other side, spreading me out so that my pussy is facing the water-pump. I swallow hard; this is not something that has been done to me before, as he takes the opportunity to casually rub my slick pussy-lips and spreads my pink labia lewdly open.

My pulse picks up at this casual sexual use, as I bite my lip and shiver with the thrills tingling out from my clit. After six months of being restrained and used I am still as turned on by it now as I was when I started as Mistress Trudy’s novice. There always seems to be another kink, another twist, an added spice that takes me a little further into what amounts to sexual depravity. Who cares, I’m having the time of my life!

Master Nicolas steps back and admires the effect for a moment, then walks over to the pump and switches it on. Several jets of water arc over the pool from the fixed jets. He swivels one around toward me, and the spray splashes me as he narrows the jet and directs it over me. It is quite forceful, again not quite enough so to be painful, but the point of impact as it moves over my skin is like a drumming, pressing finger. Water flows over my naked body as several guests follow us into the room to get a better view. I shiver as the jet plays over me, and Master Nicolas moves the point of impact of one to my left nipple.

The water isn’t cold, but it is far from warm either, and it hits like a stream of beads, lightly pummeling my tit not quite hard enough to be painful. He moves a second jet, and zeroes it in on my right tit, and now I gasp as I feel my nipples harden up under the assault, almost painfully hard. He grins as he lines up a third jet, first spraying me in the face, then drawing it down my body to aim it at my exposed gash, making me gasp and cry out as the water droplets pummel my sex, then squeal as he puts the jet directly onto my clit. Hot shivers run through my pelvis and up my spine as my eyes water – not that anyone will notice, given how wet I now am – this is heaven!

“Is that good, slut?” he asks me, grinning.

“Yes Master – Nicolas it – hurts good!” I squeak out between pants. My pussy tightens, my immobilized body trembles. The constant strain starts to hurt just a little, adding to my torment, but I can feel my clit tingling hot. He starts to play, pointing other jets at my inner thighs, my face, varying them over me, making me squirm and moan at this merciless teasing.

“Is this making you hot, slut?” he demands of me.

“Yes Master Nicolas,” I stammer back, trying to speak – and breathe – through a stream of water.

“Think you’ll cum like this, you dirty little bitch?”

“I d-don’t know Master Nicolas,” I squeak back as he moves the jet pummeling my clit away and back. Knowing my luck, it’s probably not quite enough to make me cum, but more than enough to make me helpless with the need to.

“Would you like a good fucking?” he teases.

“Always, Master Nicolas!” Oh god do I want a good fucking!

“Too bad, you’ll have to wait.”

Amazon: http://myBook.to/LP7-TimeOff

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/q5aegjq

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/njn5rg3


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