Getting Off to get it On for the Week

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It’s Monday, the baleful start of the working week, so to get you going with a smile I have as usual an extra-long excerpt from a story – this one is unpublished, as of yet, but could be out soon if I can convince my publisher to let it go.

Rather than rabbit on about it, I’ll just let you figure out the story…so break out your toys and enjoy!


It’s two days later that I walk up Adam’s driveway again, with a heavier pack. He isn’t home yet, but he will be later – this gives me time to get ready. His first scene is a special one I think we’ve both had as a fantasy for years. As soon as I let myself into the house, I go to the bathroom and open my pack. I quickly peel off my usual clothes, and take a quick shower. Then I get dressed in the extra clothes I brought with me. Fortunately I haven’t grown much since I left school, save in the chest area.

First a crisp, white bra and panties set – nothing overly sexy, just feminine and clean, no logos, labels, transparent panels or such. Normally my underwear is black lace, thongs and plunge bras. Just because I don’t have a boyfriend on the scene doesn’t mean I want to be caught unready, and it’s a statement to myself of my maturity. Not today, though.

I add long black over-the-knee socks, and a short, flared black skirt. A crisp white blouse I don’t bother to tuck into my skirt, and a tie that I tie on loosely under an unfastened top button. Lastly my old school blazer goes over the top, black as well. I put my feet into a pair of flats and admire the result: hellfire and hockey-sticks, I’m trouble on two legs.

Other than the size of my bust, I could still pass as a mature schoolgirl if I really wanted too. Of course, that’s the point of this…playing out a fantasy we both had. It brings back memories of notes passed under the desk and teasing in break-time as the girls vie for who can get the eye of the new teacher, Mr. Jefferson’s. I succeeded more often than not, with my cocky attitude, constantly challenging him to keep me in line.

The plan is that I get changed, and just do my work until he gets home. Problem is I am now just too much in character! Grabbing my notepad I go into the lounge, rather than the study. Flopping on the sofa I put my feet up on his coffee table and find the TV remote before I open my notepad and start working as MTV blares in the background. It’s not as if I’m not working… besides, if I’m going to earn myself a spanking, I plan on earning it in style.

“Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?” Adam’s voice makes me jump; I didn’t even hear him open the front door! He is standing over me, no looming over me, still in his suit from school. For a split second I am fifteen years old again, squeaking with surprise as he catches me out and calls me to task – again.

“Er, just working Sir!” my voice comes out an octave higher than I wanted, and I cough to clear my throat. “No point being cooped up in the study is there?” I add in my more normal tones and bright grin I know won’t fool him.

“You cannot study with your feet on my coffee table,” Adam begins, as he swats my feet off the coffee table. “Or listening to that racket on the television,” he adds, scooping up the remote control and killing the music video. “Up! Into the study! I want to make sure you have actually been working, not just goofing off.” I feel that hot thrill in my bra and panties that always accompanied a ticking off by Adam when I was at school.

He doesn’t even wait for me to get to my feet, he reaches out and grabs me by the ear.

“Ow!” I yelp, as my feet propel me to my feet faster than otherwise. The warmth became a hot rush – Adam had never been physical when I was his pupil. Of course he couldn’t be, strictly against the rules, but oh I wished he had been as he marches me into the study, trailing my notepad in one hand.

“Stand there,” he points at a spot of ground in front of him as he plants himself on a straight-backed chair. Cowed – and horny – I stand where he points, eyes down and lips pouting as he takes my notepad and skims over the essay I was writing. “Hmmm.” His tone is disapproving as he humphs and hmmms his way through the work, as my apprehension mounts.

“You’ve completely missed the point of the relationship between Benedict and Beatrice as a counterpoint to Cloudio and Hero,” he remarks disapprovingly. “Frankly, I think your suggestion that Beatrice and Hero might be engaged in a lesbian affair because they sleep in the same bed is laughable.” I wince, I had included that as something a modern reader might assume in this day and age. “Frankly, you just betray that you have a dirty mind.”

“Sorry Sir,” I mumble, contrite.

“I should think so. Now what should we do about your appalling behavior while I was out?”

“Um, buy me an ice-cream and tell me not to do it again?” I suggest brightly. “Or how about put a TV in here so I’m not tempted to work in the lounge?” Yes, this is the kind of attitude I had in school, too, only probably a lot worse.

Adam grabs me by the scruff off the neck and I give a startled shout as he hauls me across his lap, face down with my butt in the air. My face burns red as he flips my skirt up. That’s nothing to the warm rush that permeates me completely: this is my fantasy, from the day I first met Mr. Jefferson, and it’s coming true.

“Oh so you are wearing panties,” he exclaims in mock surprise. “The way you tease the boys I’d not be surprised if you never bothered.”

“Of course I do sir,” I reply, indignant in spite of my undignified position. “I’m not some skank!” I squirm, wiggling my bum for him – I have a nice ass, I may as well flaunt it.

“Oh, you have some standards then,” he says. His lap is warm, and I am sure I can feel a bulge in it which quickens my excitement. His large hand rests on my rump, and I can feel the heat of it through the thin material. “Now this rear is the wrong color for a girl who misbehaves as you do, isn’t it? Let’s get a proper look.”

A thrill runs up my spine and tingles in my pussy as I feel his fingers slip inside the waistband of my panties and ease them slowly down to expose my bare cheeks and the intimate secrets between them. He tugs them right down to my knees, then strokes his hand over my smooth skin.

“Oh very nice,” he purrs, as my sex tingles warmer and I can feel myself getting wet in anticipation. “But very white,” he adds in a disapproving tone. “It should be red.”

Without warning his hand slaps my bare ass. The slap reaches my ears at the same time as the sting reaches my nerves, and I give a startled cry of pain and surprise. It wasn’t a love pat, it was a proper spank, and my skin burns where he spanked me. The sensation in my pussy is what I was unprepared for, though: instead of killing my desire, the pain seems to transmute to a heat that seeps through my skin, into my sex and lodge there. I squeeze my thighs together tight.

“Stop that!” Adam orders me, and two more stinging spanks land on my ass. “Keep those thighs open, I want to be sure you aren’t enjoying this!”

Stung and surprised I open my thighs a little, knowing this will let him see the pink lips of my gash peeking between my cheeks.

“Oh-ho, what’s this?” Adam exclaims, and his finger tip touches the base of my slit, and slides slickly down it lightly and very slowly. A shudder runs through me, and a soft little moan comes from my throat as he tickles my pussy. “I think somebody is enjoying themselves, aren’t they?” His finger doesn’t touch my clit, but runs back up my groove to the moist spot where my hole is leaking and hovers there.

“Ah! N-no, Sir,” I manage to gasp out. Please just put it in me!

“Really?” his finger traces little circles around my entrance. Then without warning he withdraws it and spanks me three more times. I squeal and yelp with pain and surprise. My ass burns, and the heat seeps into my pussy, and I find myself squirming against that hand resting on my throbbing butt after he pauses.

“Oh yes,” he chuckles, “somebody is having fun, aren’t they?”

I can’t honestly say no. While my butt stings and burns, my pussy tingles hot and moist. I am really turned on by the “strict teacher” act. What I want right now is to be taken good and hard over the desk.

Adam’s hand moves and I feel him pulling my panties all the way off. Then he pulls one of my hands behind my back and something loops around my wrist. The other hand is pulled after it and my hands are now bound behind my back. My pulse races, and I am breathing rapid, shallow breaths.

“I’m going to teach you another little lesson now, my little school slut,” Adam rumbles, his wicked grin making my knees weak even as he easily lifts me up to my feet. He doesn’t stop at my feet and plants my throbbing butt on the desk, and I gasp at the hard, cold wood under my bare, burning cheeks. “It’s called ‘edging’,” he continues with a malicious smirk.

What the hell is that? I wonder as I sit on the middle of one side of the desk.

“Yes sir,” I say meekly.

“Don’t you meekly ‘yes sir’ me, young lady!” he admonishes as he grabs one of my ankles. Slipping a short length of cord from one pocked he expertly ties my ankle to the top of one leg of the desk. I wriggle as the position threatens to raise my short skirt high enough to flash my naked pussy at him. He repeats the same with my other ankle, binding it to the other leg, so I have to spread my legs wide apart. Firmly Adam pushes me so that I have to lean back on my elbows.

My hips are raised at his waist level, only my short skirt covers my sex. I’m leaning back, bound, as if presenting myself to be taken as Adam reaches out and lifts my skirt up to my waist.

Oh boy, here it comes, and am I ready for it!

“Hmm. Quite a cute little pussy,” he drawls.

“Yes sir,” I pant, biting my lip. He has a big bulge in his pants, as his fingertips trail down both sides of my pouting pussy-lips. Go on, free that big boy. Fuck me hard!

He sinks to his knees right in front of me, and so close I can feel his breath stirring my snatch of curls. His finger rubs slowly up and down my wet slot, and I shiver with anticipation. Warm tingles flow through my sex and up my spine as his finger slowly circles my button, teasing it. Then one questing finger slips slowly between my labia and inside me and I can’t restrain a long, low moan. My pelvic floor muscle tightens of its own accord, squeezing his finger delightfully inside me.

“Oh, someone’s nice and tight,” Adam chuckles, sliding his finger slowly in and out of my very wet cunt. “Tight and wet, just the way I like it. That’s your temptation, isn’t it, girl? That’s how you get what you want, offering this nice, sexy, delicious little pussy.”

I can’t answer, except in squeaks and moans. His other hand is playing with the top of my gash, one finger lightly tickling and stroking my throbbing clit. My nipples tingle and tighten in response, visible through bra and blouse. My sex quivers, I can feel my pulse burning down there, as my back arches, my breathing loud.

“Ah yes…wanton and uncontrolled. We have such a lot to teach you about how to harness the power in this,” Adam murmurs, and his fingers run through my pubes slowly.

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