Love Plus One…or Two…or Three…

I don’t just write BDSM erotica, I have also dabbled with other aspects of the erotica genre, although I did so under another pen-name, that of Livia Lynn Rose. When I started getting published, it was under both pen-names, and turning out stories for both was very hard work. Under Penelope Syn I wrote about bondage and added a touch of paranormal here and there, with a few hints of girl-on-girl as well as primarily boy-on-girl action. As Livia Lynn Rose I wrote in the less hardcore “Male Dom” genre which is basically BDSM with the domination but not the bondage or the masochism, as well as ménage. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of having more than one lover? Some of my work got pretty steamy, and it focused on mutliple guys and one girl encounters, and I had fun writing it.

When the time came that I had to start doing all the marketing on social media, I realized I just could not keep up with the task of writing and marketing under two separate pen-names. After a few months of trying, we realized that it just wasn’t going to work.

I had a long skype conference with my editor and publishers, and we made the hard decision to drop writing as Livia Lynn Rose and focus everything on writing as Penelope Syn.

However, we still had some material I had written as LLR and it seemed a shame to waste it…

So my publisher made the decision to publish my last prepared story, The Astronomer, which had been written to be published as a one-off, under Penelope Syn instead. While we didn’t want to cross genres to much with one pen-name, he decided to sample the water and see if it would work.

And forgot to change the name on the cover, which is why those that look at my author page see a book with the pen-name Livia Lynn Rose on the cover. We could have pulled it and fixed it…but actually it might give a lead-in to the stories I have written under that pen-name, so what the hell.

Ménage Itself

Who hasn’t dreamt at some time of making love to more than one person at once? Not many of us. Ménage is basically that, from the French ménage-a-trios or a threesome, although it need not be limited to three. In the Lydia series she has a few orgiastic encounters, but ménage is usually specific to being one of one gender and the other participants being of the other. The scenes I have written are usually two or three men and one girl (more men than that and you generally have a gang-bang).

While it’s great to fantasize about, it’s actually quite hard to actually do. Logistically, getting into a position where more than one guy can enter you at the same time is not always easy (although it is great when you do manage it) and it can take so much concentration that it sometimes, ah, detracts from the moment, shall we say?

All that said, it can be amazing if you are the minority sex, shall we say. It’s also incredibly erotic in a sensual way, and that is not what you may expect. You are the absolute centre of attention, and everyone present is trying to please you.

Obviously, you can’t try this if you have a jealous partner, but I guess that goes without saying. I’m lucky in that some of my relationships have not been strictly monogamous…I’m an unconventional type, I guess!

The Astronomer

The Story

A new post-grad student, Sandra Brennan, is at a new university and working on her thesis. She’s alone, she hasn’t had many boyfriends, but a nice guy from her old university is around and she has a few fantasies. Her main hobby, astronomy, is unavailable to her due to light pollution in the city, but it’s still a good telescope…

As an undergraduate, I would be looking up at the brilliant winter stars from the farmhouse roof, and one evening my gaze wanders to the telescope sitting still in its packing create. It’s a half-hour drive to get far enough away from the city to a good observing spot, but I don’t have a car. Well, maybe it’s possible to see something from my window. I get out the delicate and powerful reflecting telescope out and carefully assemble the tripod mounting and fit the sky-tracking motor. Switching off all the lights I draw back my curtains from the tall window.

Streetlights shimmer in the square, but above it I can see the brighter stars twinkling. It takes a few minutes to calibrate the ‘scope, but the stars flicker terribly in the eyepiece. Rising heat from the buildings most likely, I decide. I can make out Jupiter, but it, too, jumps and wobbles so badly that getting a good picture is out of the question.

With a sigh I stand and lean on the window jam glumly. Maybe I can make friends with somebody interested in astronomy? Bryce is still around, and has a car. We have run into one another from time to time, and I have bumped into the other guys now and then, passing acquaintances – even with Tasha, who genuinely is nice despite my prejudices. They’ve never repeated their invitation, though.

I see the light on of their apartment across the square, and a flicker of movement. I wonder what they are up to tonight? Well I can hardly go and knock on the door and ask, can I? Turning my head I glance at my ‘scope. Well…it would tell me if they are doing something, wouldn’t it? I mean I may see a bored Bryce in the eyepiece, and then I could go and call and…OK, it’s likely to be just two friends, not a date, but it’s company.

Switching off the ‘scope’s motor I swing it manually to get the small finder scope centered on the lit window. It looks like the curtains aren’t drawn, but there are figures on a bed. I blush and stifle a giggle, I seem to be looking at an intimate moment, but it wouldn’t hurt just to peek a little, would it?

I put my eye to the main scope and adjust the focus.

“Holy shit!” I exclaim aloud, pulling my head back to glance at the window through my own eyes, then look through the eyepiece again to try and tell myself that I didn’t see what I thought I saw.

No, I saw it all right, as clear as if I was standing in the room, and it makes the heat rise to my face. I still look, though.

Bryce is lying on the bed, naked, with Miku – who is also naked – sitting astride his hips and riding him with a steady rhythm as he reaches up to caress her breasts. I close my eyes for a moment, imagining that it is me sitting on that dick, feeling it move inside my pussy as I make love to Bryce. Looking again, I see Miku is riding him quite a lot harder than I would have dared.

“Bryce you rat,” I mutter, “what will Malcolm and Charles say?”

At that moment, Charles enters the scene from behind Miku and my heart skips a beat…but he’s also naked, with a huge boner, and Miku glances back at him and smiles as she carries on fucking Bryce. Charles climbs on the bed behind her and she leans back, half-turning toward him to slip an arm around his neck and kiss his mouth as she has sex with his friend. Speechless, I can’t tear my eyes away as he pushes her forward and steers his dick forward as she pushes back. Her expression changes to one of pure lust and fulfillment as he pushes forward and her hips grind back. Then they resume her rhythm, only now she is fucking both guys.

“Miku…you slut!” I whisper, knowing I should feel disgusted but actually feeling admiration for her brazen sexuality. My legs are clamped together and my pussy is hot and damp, while my nipples are so hard they almost hurt. I bite my lip with frustration as I see her clearly loving every moment. From Charles’ position he must be giving her anal sex, and I wonder how that feels. Clearly, Miku is enjoying it as I see her mouth open and shut and her eyes screw shut, body trembling for several long moments. She must be climaxing hard!

Again my imagination races away: what would it feel like to have a cock in my ass, in fact to have one in my ass and pussy at the same time? From Miku’s expression, I would guess it feels great. Oh god wouldn’t that be good, to feel so stuffed full of cock and held in so many strong arms that I was helpless with pleasure

My hand is fumbling with the belt of my jeans and as soon as the undo I slip a grateful hand down the front of my panties and start rubbing my button with a shudder of relief. In the eyepiece a third person appears: Malcolm, also naked.

“My god…they are having an orgy,” I mutter, not quite able to believe it.

Malcolm is every bit as cut as the other two guys as he climbs onto the bed next to the three. Miku reaches out and grabs his stiff dick, and twists her body to one side to guide it straight into her mouth. I can’t look away, the only thing I can move are my fingers in my panties as Miku fucks three guys all at the same time.

What a slut. What a lucky, over-sexed, slut! I can feel myself turning green with jealousy. Why can’t that be me over there, with a boyfriend and two lovers fucking my brains out? I have needs too!

The Astronomer


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