Fellatio Friday

It’s a simple thing, the humble blow-job or the simple cunnilingus. For some it is an aperitif, for others it is the main course, while a few like it as their desert. It is enjoyed by those of every sexual orientation and gender identification, and for some is their first introduction to sexual contact. No matter who you are, or what your level of experience and skill, you can always make your lover smile by using your silver tongue.


It appears so very much in erotic imagery and literature that it really deserves some attention. I will confess in the days when I was both innocent and educated (they didn’t last long) I thought “oral sex” meant talking about it…but thankfully that didn’t last. Nonetheless there is a fixation in Western culture with oral sex.

Why? It would seem to be almost counterproductive to the whole point of sex, which at the end of the day is making babies. Then again, so is contraception or masturbation…



At the end of the day, sex is not just about pregnancy. It’s emotional bonding, recreation, and relaxation all rolled into one. Sex is good for us, multiple studies have proved this, and far more so than just in the mechanical process of producing the next generation. Using contraception is a must these days, or we’ll have an ever increasing population to feed.

So here’s the first thing about oral sex: it’s fun.



Then there’s the second thing about giving head…you are giving. There is no pleasure in giving someone oral beyond the knowledge that you are giving them pleasure – which can be a big thrill, but isn’t as good as actually getting it. You are showing someone that you love them, care about them, and want to please them even if you aren’t getting anything beyond that out of it. To many it also demonstrates an act of submission, and in a great many of my stories the submissive happily gives head to the dominant/dominatrix as a sign of their capitulation.

There’s the good old sixty-nine position, where this can become mutual; but it still takes an effort for your partner to be pleasing you (especially if you are distracting them as best you can at the same time).

Number two about oral sex: it’s altruistic.


Turning my initial points on their head, giving head is from a point of view of getting pregnant, perfectly safe. It allows people to be intimate without risk of pregnancy if contraceptives are an issue. Sadly the same is not true of most STDs, although you are likely getting a close-up view of the area likely to be infected so you’ve a better chance to assess the risks before you start.

At the end of the day, it’s safe(ish).


On the part of the receiver, there is an element of trust involved – after all, there are teeth in close proximity to their most sensitive parts.

So oral sex can be said to help build up trust.



When you are giving head, you have a lot more control than you usually get in actual sex; you have hands and tongue and lips to manipulate, caress, and apply pressure and heat and wetness in a variety of ways. You have a lot more options for teasing and pleasing, especially the teasing part; I know dominant types that go down on their submissive partners to take control of them and make them beg for release.

You can use oral sex to gain better control in many interesting ways.


If you are after a quickie, it’s easy for one person to unzip a fly or lift a skirt for a little licking and sucking. It’s also possible to be getting some fun out of sight, even if you are not in complete private. On the subject of my last post, if you have more than one lover, the usual access points may be occupied by others, and one must make do…

So oral can be convenient.


When, Where, and How

I’ve touched on this above, but the when’s and where’s of giving head are worth a mention too. There are a lot of good reasons for starting with oral; it’s a great way of getting your partner into a really good state of arousal toward the end of foreplay. If you are inexperienced in sex (and we all were once) oral is a good way of making up for it. Young men often suffer from the problem of “jumping the gun” and taking the first bullet orally can help them take aim with the second with better control (I love metaphor).

Whether or not your partner climaxes, a little good oral can be an opener to so much more later.

For some people, it’s the main event. Whether you go mutually or prefer to be served, the oral is the point. For some couples into BDSM, one may be locked into a chastity device, in which case oral is one of the only ways they can please their partner, and their own pleasure has to wait on their owner’s. Needless to say, if you’ve spent a week in a chastity belt, the release (when you get it) can be awesome. That’s kind of the point.

For others, oral can come toward the end (no pun intended – really) of a session. Perhaps as a last hurrah, or a nice wind down for your partner (or a reward for a submissive), or a little tease to get them looking forward to next time around.

There are no rules, just find the way you and your lover like it. It’s relaxing, fun, and can contribute a lot to your relationship…

Slave Girl #4


Here’s a little excerpt from Lydia’s Path #4: The Training, with some interesting oral introductions…

A bell that wasn’t attached to either of us jingles loudly nearby.

“Bedroom duty, come along!” She takes my hand and leads me to the master bedroom, both of us still naked. Again I am reminded of what Mistress told me, that I was to get used to being nude any time, at any place, in any company. The huge bed in the master bedroom was tousled, and so were its occupants: they had clearly been making love recently.

“Master, Mistress, how would you like to make use of us?” Amanda asks politely, kneeling at the foot of the bed, and drawing me down beside her.

“Two delightful slaves,” Mistress Trudy kicks off the covers, and spreads her legs, her gash is wet with cum. “Come along, Lydia, you should know the rule about cum in this house now.”

“Yes Mistress,” I crawl up the bed and put my tongue to good use in her cunt, while next to me Amanda begins to ‘clean’ Master Phil’s dick. So this is what life as a slave will be like, performing sexual services alongside another hot girl…I like this, and I could get to love it as I lap Master’s cum from Mistress’ hole, happily eating her to a nice climax. At the same time, I cannot help a little tug of jealousy. Amanda was getting to give head to Master, she got the cock to suck on! I’m bi, yes, but I do like cocks.

As soon as we are done, we are sent to dress ourselves in our maid uniforms while they bathe. A short while later we click into the master bathroom to the tinkling of the little bells attached to our clit-rings, skirts flounced out with layers of petticoat so that they swish and sway with every step, and so short they barely reach our stocking-tops. Both of us have heaving bosoms thanks to our tightly cinched corsets, and with the cool air circulating under my skirts I am very conscious of the fact that I am not wearing panties.

“Pass me the towel, Lydia,” Mistress starts to rise out of the huge bath she is sharing with her husband.

“Of course Mistress,” I bob a curtsey, and take the towel and hold it for her. As I step close to the bath her husband reaches languidly out to slide a wet hand up my inner thigh, under my skirt where he strokes my naked slit quite casually.

“Oh!” I gasp in surprise.

He spanks my bare buttock sharply.

“Bad girl,” he scolds. “A slut like you should expect to be felt up, dressed like that!”

“I’m sorry Master Phillip,” I apologize. My face goes very red, and my pussy goes very wet. His hand hasn’t moved, it feels hot there on my bum, and I’m actually trembling with nerves. “It’s just, I’m not used to…it just surprised me, Master.”

“That’s a spanking for later,” Mistress notes as she takes the towel, and I help wrap it around her.

I go with Mistress to her adjoining bedroom, and start assisting her to dry her hair and dress. Catching glimpses of myself in the mirror, I realize just how sexy I look in this outfit, and also how much it stressed my inferiority. I start to understand what Master meant: I look like gift-packaged sex, and it makes me feel daring.

I jump as a hand slips around my shoulder and fondles one of my tits, making me drop the dress I was holding for Mistress. Master Phillip had come up behind me, and was making free with my tits, perkily presented on a plate by my tight corset and low-cut dress.

“That’s two,” Mistress sighs. “Pick it up Lydia, and do try to concentrate.”

To pick up the dress, I will have to bend at the hips, presenting my bare ass to Master. I don’t protest or move; I just do as I am told. Sure enough he moves his hand to feel my pussy, and a shiver runs through me and my cunt tingles. He’s deliberately taking huge liberties with my body, and I cannot stop him. Then I realize that I do not want to stop him. I straighten up slowly, and his hand remains where it is. I like the attention.

“Your slut is rather wet, Trudy,” Master remarks to Mistress, apparently ignoring the fact that I am listening. “I think she likes earning spanks.”

“That may be,” Mistress replies, as I help her into her dress. “Amanda, take your trainee over your knee, please, ten spanks.”

Amanda obediently sits herself on a bedroom chair, and pats her lap. For a moment I feel butterflies again –not at being spanked, but because it is another slave doing it. Amanda, I realize, is my superior in every way. I walk to her lap, and lie myself over it meekly. Her hand doesn’t stroke or feel me up; she just delivers ten sharp blows to my derriere with me counting aloud after each. I am clearly the least important person in this room, and I return to assist Mistress with my heart in my high-heeled shoes, thoroughly chastened.

Just as expected, Master’s hand slips up my skirt again, but this time I don’t react. Only when he strokes my slit with fluttering fingers do I give a soft little moan, and wiggle myself slightly against his hand.

“You’re learning, dear,” Mistress says cryptically, raising an amused eyebrow in my direction. I raise my chin a little and smile, feeling a warm little thrill to accompany the warm tingle in my pussy.

“Amanda, take Lydia and start showing her duties to her. Make sure she knows how to do them.” So begins a long day of work and play. Late in the afternoon, Mistress summons me, and presents me with my slave contract. The sight of it makes my heart thump like a hammer. This is what I have wanted for years, and now it is here it is: exciting in a way that makes my hot little sex all but steam, but also very frightening at the level of commitment required of me.

Amazon: http://myBook.to/LP4-TheTraining

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/q4rcoad

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/o9r3y7d


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