Hump Day Blues

I’m sitting here, listening to Passenger playing on my MusicBee, and realising that recently I’ve been having to choose between catching up on my writing and writing a good blog post. It’s been around six months since I had a new release, and I have several works in progress, but none of them ready.

This just won’t do.

It’s not just procrastination, but the demands of my “day job” of looking after my best friend, and of doing all my own marketing…the perils of being an indie author with a shoe-string publisher, I guess.

I got the hump-day blues, and I am going to have to knuckle down and get some writing done, and I have already contacted Master to let him know to NOT spank me if I don’t…the sacrifices I make, eh?

So apologies for not providing you all with a long post and a succulent teaser, I hope to have something tasty ready for Friday, though!

Love & hugs to you all,

Penelope Syn


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