Riding Amanda – an excerpt from my WIP

Hi everyone!

I’ve managed to get some work done on my latest Work In Progress, and as promised here’s a little teaser from it…do please enjoy!

From Riding Amanda:

“Well, now, that wasn’t too hard was it?” Master Philip drawled from behind her in the doorway to the house. His tone, the pitch of his voice, sent a prickle down Amadna’s spine from the base of her neck to her pussy.

“No Master Philip,” Amanda replied, turning around. Mistress Trudy was standing next to him, and both were smiling at her in a way that made her stomach flutter with butterflies.

“No…aren’t you a little overdressed?” Philip remarked. Amanda swallowed. She was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers for the job of packing, moving, and unpacking.

“I’ll get changed at once,” she declared, realizing he definitely wanted her in something sexier.

“Good idea,” Mistress Trudy approved. “Strip. Now.”

But I’m standing in your driveway! Amanda swallowed. No-one from the street could see her, the garden was secluded, and it was not a cold day. She tugged her T-shirt up over her head, and stepped out of her sneakers before wriggling out of her jeans, leaving her standing in her white lace bra and panties.

“And your bra, Amanda, Master Philip likes to see your tits,” Mistress Trudy reproached her. Amanda felt her cheeks color as she reached behind her and unfastened her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. She was proud of her breasts, not only large but firm enough that she could indeed go braless. Exposed she could feel her nipples hardening as Master Philip’s eyes rested on them. Little tingles excited her pussy in anticipation as she dared a look at him from under her demurely lowered lashes and moistened her lips. He was leaning on the wide doorframe, watching her with patient interest, and she could see a visible bulge in his crotch.

Gravel crunched under Mistress Trudy’s boots as she strolled over to Amanda, eying her up and down. It still disconcerted Amanda a little – not that Mistress Trudy was attracted to her, she had had that reaction from other women before – but that Mistress Trudy’s attention stirred Amanda herself as well. In their previous meeting, Amanda had seen her heterosexuality illusions shattered, Mistress Trudy had already ‘turned’ her bisexual – although that term was misleading: you couldn’t make anyone gay or straight or anything in-between. In reality Mistress Trudy has simply spotted the latent bisexual in Amanda and brought it out.

And I enjoyed it very much, she conceded to herself.

It just made her a little apprehensive about what else she believed about herself that might not be as true as she thought.

A sharp spank on her ass made her cheeks and breasts jiggle as she started more in surprise than pain.

“Just what are these?” Mistress Trudy snapped the waistband of Amanda’s panties.

“Panties Mistress Trudy,” Amanda replied, remembering to act submissive. For the first time she noticed that Mistress Trudy was carrying a small sports-bag, and she realized that her lover’s wife was probably going to dress her up in something. Here five minutes, and it was turning kinky already.

“Panties? And who gave you permission to put any barrier between your fuck-hole and Master Phillip’s cock?”

Amanda jaw dropped in shock. Not so much at the accusation that she was somehow “wearing panties without permission” but to hear her pussy referred to so crudely. Her blush deepened and she felt her pussy – her fuck hole – get wet. Like being spanked, like being called “the office slut” as Master Phillip pounded her over his desk, it turned her on. From any other woman it wouldn’t have this effect, and any other woman she would have stood up to and faced down.

But not this woman; this woman had already taken her, dominated her, spanked her, sexually teased her to climax, and pressed her face between her legs to lick her pussy. This woman could own her with one hand tied, and she knew it.

“No one Mistress, I’m very sorry Mistress,” Amanda mumbled, almost tearing her panties off in haste, so she stood there nude save for the collar around her throat.

“Better. Touch your toes.”

Face burning, Amanda bent at the hips and reached down to let her fingertips brush her toes. Her sex was now fully exposed, and her ass-cheeks presented for the spanking she just knew was coming. Instead of another smart slap on the butt, she started as Mistress Trudy’s gloved fingertips stroked her exposed labia lightly.

“Oh look, someone is wet already,” Mistress Trudy chuckled. A shiver ran through Amanda as those fingers traced up and down her slit and gave her clit a slow, light massage. Amanda bit her lip to resist a moan of pleasure.

Then the slap came, and not one but several hard spanks on her butt. She squeaked in surprise, but held the position as the breeze caresses her skin. Each blow stung, but made her pussy twitch and her butt felt warm when Trudy stopped. All the other woman was doing was spanking her, but it made her so horny…

“I think we need to train you to understand your role here,” Mistress Trudy drawled. “You are not a servant. You are not a lover. You are a slave and a pet…”

A finger thrust unexpectedly into Amanda’s pussy with a kind of casual liberty that she had come to expect and enjoy from Master Philip. That his wife felt so entitled shouldn’t have come as a surprise, yet it did.

“Oh!” Amanda gasped, and a hand slapped her ass hard while the finger continued to explore, making her sex hum with anticipation.

“Keep still, pet. Clearly we need to train you appropriate to your role.”

“Yes Mistress,” Amanda whimpered, tingling with anticipation. When Master Philip had “trained” her in the past she had always enjoyed it very much – eventually. The finger withdrew, leaving Amanda frustrated.

“Straighten up, eyes front,” Mistress Amanda commanded brusquely, and Amanda complied. One hand was pulled behind her back, and something cool and slick slipped over her hand and up her arm. A zipper tightened it up and closed it firmly over her like a glove. When her hand was released Amanda was puzzled to see it encased in a black latex glove up to the elbow. There were no fingers or thumb in the glove, her hand was flat against a heavy rubber pad, and on the back of her hand was a heavy steel D-ring. Even as she looked at it in surprise her other hand was encased in an identical glove.

“Kneel,” Mistress Trudy ordered, and Amanda knelt, apprehensive. From behind her Mistress Trudy ran her hands through Amanda’s thick mane of blond hair, gathering it up into a ponytail. Something was pulled over Amanda’s head and face and zipped up behind her head: a black latex hood, clearly with holes for nose, eyes, and mouth as Amanda could still see and hear and breath. Something projected from the mask on either side of her head, she could feel Trudy adjusting it.

“Very fetching,” Master Phillip said in approval.

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