Masturbation Monday – Challenging Games


Monday is here again, and this time I have a teaser from Dominant Displays: The Challenge. Michelle has been locked in chastity for nearly two weeks before she is taken by her Master, Simon, to a very exclusive and kinky party…

“Tell everybody how long since you last had an orgasm, Slave Michelle,” Master Simon commands firmly. I swallow hard, as while it is very personal, it is also a command.

“Thirteen days, Master,” I reply meekly, my face flushing. As I do, he leans over me and unfastens the cups of my steel bra, exposing my round, full breasts to the room. Each is tipped with a rigid nipple, proclaiming my state of arousal.

“Well, we’re going to play a game now.” He walks around me until he is between my legs, and he produces the key to my chastity, inserts it into the belt and turns it with a click. “It’s called ‘how much do I love Master’,” he continues. He unfastens my chastity belt from the chains that run through the rest of my outfit – for want of a better term – and releases the belt from my waist. Carefully he draws it off me, slowly and publicly easing the dildo out of my very wet sex as he does so. My face burns as my most intimate parts are exposed to the onlookers, and the fact I was walking around with that inside me.

“Here’s how it works,” Master continues, walking back around to my head. “Three of the other guests are going to play with you for five minutes each. They can do anything but make you cum, or fuck you. They can’t do that unless you beg them to, and they will be doing their best to make you beg them to.” I stare up at him, wondering if he has lost his senses. “If you can resist all three of them, then I will fuck you and make you cum.”

I’m going to be fucked in front of a roomful of people?

I realize my mouth is open in shock, and close it. I swallow hard. This is fiendish, because I’m already desperately horny. Master has been teasing me harder and harder the last few days. He hasn’t mentioned any downside to them having me. The only downside I can think of will be that I will have let him down. My heart races as apprehension twists up my guts. I really do not know if I can do this. Should I use the safe word? Say it’s too much?

But that would be admitting that I don’t think I can do this, and if there is one thing I have never done, it is turn down a challenge from a man.

This really is a test as to how much I love him.

“Yes, Master,” I squeak in a tiny voice.

“Good girl.” He leans over and kisses my lips. The taste of him is more arousing than any dildo. The scent of his closeness makes me helplessly wet. I need him, not anyone else! “Make me proud,” he whispers. My heart skips a beat. I made the right choice,he is proud of me already! A surge of empowerment fills me as he looks up at our audience. “Who’d like to go first?”

“I will,” a Dom in a safari suit, who seems to have no associated slave offers. He’s of average height and middling years, although he is slim and fit-looking. He looks nice enough, but way too old for my tastes.

“Be my guest, Daniel.” Master offers him my lush body, all laid out and helpless.

The man called Daniel smiles slightly, reaches into one pocket and produces a miniature wand – a vibrator with a blunt, soft head. A soft hum comes from the vibrator as he moves to the side of the table. He starts by running the vibrator up the inside of my thigh, making me gasp as the purring thrill seems to shoot up my back as well. He takes out a second one and as the first plays up to the side of my pussy-lips, the second is introduced to my breast. It glides around my swollen, stiff nipple in slow circles.

I gasp and squirm but the table holds my various cuffs very securely. Damn me for choosing this outfit! No wonder Master approved! As the vibrations throb through my nipple my sex feels as if it’s growing hotter, and the other vibrator purrs up and down the side of my mons. I long to feel it on my slit, but at the same time I’m grateful he hasn’t got there yet. My breathing quickens as Daniel moves the second vibrator from breast to breast, making my nipples so hard they hurt.

Meanwhile, the other vibrator moves to my other thigh, making me twitch again as Daniel runs it up and down, into the crease where thigh meets crotch. Then he runs it up one side, around my clit and down the other. My buttocks tense in anticipation of it brushing my clit, but it doesn’t. He repeats this several times, and he has some impressive manual dexterity as he uses both hands to perform different tasks, keeping my breasts busy and my pussy desperately anticipating.

A soft cry of surprise comes from my lips as the vibrator between my legs presses into my cleft just bellow my clit, sending throbbing waves through my cunt, through my pubic bone. They seem to fill my crotch and yet do not quite fulfill me enough. The throbbing makes my clit stiffen and tingle but it’s untouched, lusting, needing.

“Fancy more?” Daniel asks, grinning down at me with a big bulge in his crotch. “I can press this a little more.” The vibrator moves up a fraction, but still not enough, making me whimper. My pussy is all but gushing, and I’m panting to try and keep my senses. “All you have to do is ask for my cock in your slut-hole.”

Jesus yes please I am so closecloseclose!

My libido yammers at me, desperate for release.

“N-n-no th-thank you, Sir!” my voice squeaks.

“No?” The vibrators move slightly, sending new waves through me. Hot and cold prickles my skin and I shiver helplessly, little whimpering sounds coming from my throat.

“N-no thank you,” I sob, so frustrated it hurts.

“Ah well,” the older man shrugs. “I was just the opener.”

I nearly howl in frustration as the vibrators withdraw, to a smattering of applause from my audience.

“Guess I’d better go see how Frank’s doing with my electro-set,” Daniel sighs, and shrugs. “Well done, slave, maybe next time.”

Master leans over me and holds a straw to my lips, and I take a drink of something cold and possibly alcoholic, though I am past caring what. The cold liquid just soothes the heat in me, and a fan plays across my body.

“Very well done,” he whispers. “I’m proud of you.” I feel a surge of gratitude for his words far more than for the drink. I’m doing right, I’m being good, I reassure myself.

“Let’s give her a second to calm down,” Master tells the onlookers. “Who would like to go next? Dominic?”

I turn my head to see a drop-dead gorgeous blond man, of average height with shaggy hair and a tanned complexion that would not be out of place on any surfing beach. It’s accentuated by his open Hawaiian shirt and matching shorts, showing off a very firm set of pectoral muscles and a six-pack to die for.

“Sure,” the blond guy, Dominic, nods. “I’m sure I can test her limits,” he adds, grinning lecherously. I tremble in trepidation as he seems very confident. Master draws back, and Dominic steps close. If I had been single and met this guy in a bar, he would have scored. He leans over me and cups my chin in his hand, making me look up at him a little fearfully. His other hand brushes my cheek, making my skin flicker with heat where he touches it. His hands are very warm. He strokes the back of his fingers down the line of my jaw and across my throat.

Another tingle pulses through me from his touch, and I catch my breath as my nipples heat back up. I had expected that he would go for my tits and pussy, as Daniel had done. Instead, he was bypassing my defenses with this almost romantic seduction. He leans over me suddenly, tilting my head aside, and kisses my throat hard. I can feel his stubble and a moment later his teeth as they nip my tender flesh, making me squeak and arch my back. My tits and their engorged nipples press up against his hairy, solid chest.

His kisses press one side of my neck, then the other, working down. One hand cups and squeezes my left tit, and a finger and thumb pinch and twist my nipple just hard enough to hurt a little. Then his kisses find the other breast and he kisses, bites and sucks hard, placing a deep red mark on my tender flesh before he does the same right on my nipple which he kisses, sucks, then his teeth pinch it and he tugs very lightly, drawing a moan from my throat.

I strain against the restrains. I can feel my pulse in my breasts, feel them throb and burn. They send messages down to my sex that trips past my reservations and make it throb with jungle heat. Now my body seeks not escape from its torment, but desire for him. It takes a supreme effort to grind my teeth and force myself to be still. This is real temptation, and no mistake, and he hasn’t even gone near my pussy yet!

A soft mewl comes from my throat, a little cry of despair. The hand on my left breast moves down, sliding warm and firm across my belly to my hip, up again, and down, caressing my flank sensually as a lover would. A slow swell of hot and cold passes over my skin. He doesn’t seem to need to touch my clit. He has turned my entire body into one huge erogenous zone and he plays me like a guitar, strumming, caressing, kissing my breasts and throat.

Dominic’s warm hand is suddenly between my legs. My thighs twitch twice against their cuffs – once to open to welcome him, once to close as I guiltily recall that I am meant to be resisting. The warmth of that hand seems to spread out and fill my body from the inside, filling me with gentle heat. His hand cupping my mons, the heel of his palm against my tingling clit, the fingers lying down my gash, the tips moving lightly next to my hole.

Oh god I cannot stand this! I’m going to break any second!

His kisses move back up to my throat, making my heart pound loudly in my ears as I feel his restrained strength next to my completely helpless, vulnerable form. He has total control, and he exploits it. His fingers, slick with my juices, trail up my slit between my cunt-lips and stroke around the hard button of my clit.

He moves, lying over me, his weight supported on one arm, and suddenly it’s not his hand pressing hot and firm against my slick groove, it’s his pulsing, silky, warm cock held rigid right against me as he rocks his hips by just half an inch back and forth.

His now-free hand grasps my hair, forces my head back to look up at his face over mine, look into his dark eyes. He fills my senses, sight, sound, touch, scent are all him, with no escape.

“Say you want me to fuck you,” he commands. His voice is deep and I can feel the vibration of it resonate in his chest, passed by the contact of our hot skin to my throbbing nipples. If I say yes, it will take him less than a second to bury that big, firm dick to the hilt in my drooling, lusting cunt. He will fill it up, complete me, grind his pubic bone against my pulsing clitty and make me come almost instantly. He’ll bang me helpless against this table good and hard, and I’ll howl and shake as he rides me bareback, because there’s no way this guy won’t make me go multiple until he pumps me full of his jizz.

A flicker, just a flicker of motion on the edge of my vision, as a woman leans a little close to watch, eyes eager as she blatantly rubs her crotch through her latex cat suit. I can’t see Master Simon, but I know he is watching. Oh god I so want this guy to FUCK me! But I can’t. If Master had traded me to him, I’d leap willingly into his bed and that would be a first for me, but that is not the deal today.

“No,” I sob in a tiny voice. “I c-can’t, Sir,” I whimper, my eyes watering with the need, the lust, the desire, and the frustration.

“Are you sure?” His hips move, sliding his dick against my sex so close to entering me I could scream.

“No!” I groan. “Please, no!”

There is a click, and Dominic stops.

“Times up, Dom,” a girl’s voice giggles.

DD#3 - The Challenge

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  3. I am literally speechless over here. I had to take a second to calm my nerves before I could comment. Whew! I don’t know if I could have resisted the way she did.

    And, for what it’s worth, I *love* that she considered the scenario a challenge and that’s why she didn’t safeword. Awesome.

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