Masturbation Monday – Hands Down Fun

It’s here again, and although I was absent all week, I wouldn’t abandon you all from #MasturbationMonday – I know what my audience likes!


Here’s an excerpt from Dominant Displays #1: Blind Lust. Anne has been blindfolded and gagged, and taken in a small cage to a BDSM party by her new Master. Thing is, while she’s exposed for all to see, she can’t see who is there or who is doing what…

I feel through the cage the vibration as Master touches it. My hands are freed, the strap around my waist loosens and is released, and the cage door is opened. Master’s firm hands grip mine, and pull me forward. Obediently I struggle out of the confines of the cage. I have spent hours in it before, so I am used to getting in and out. All the same, I gasp as my circulation returns to my cramped legs.

Master tugs my arms behind me and pulls them into a folded position, wrist next to elbow, and binds them there using the straps built into my bondage corset. I am painfully aware that this forces my breasts forward, and ensures my pussy is fully exposed to view, and touch. As if to confirm this, a hand cups my right tit, the thumb rubs my nipple making it stiff. I give a soft squeak of surprise because Master is still behind me, binding me.

Shock renders me immobile. I had been prepared to be seen, but I had no warning that I would be touched. Fear courses through me. What have I got myself into? As I begin to pull away, Master’s hands squeeze mine for a moment. That gesture tells me that I must stand still, and reminds me that I agreed to trust him absolutely when I became his slave. Another layer of inhibition peels away from me with a slight shudder, and I relax and submit to the intimate caresses. I am a slave; I need do nothing but trust and obey my Master, and enjoy whatever happens.

The release is so strong it is erotic, and my body responds to the touch as if it were my Master’s. The hands leave me a moment later, to a pang of regret from my submissive heart.

Another hand rubs between my legs and to my shock and surprise it’s a hand with long-nailed fingers. A woman is stroking my pussy and tickling my clit, and I catch her voice through the muffled buzz.

“…nice and wet…fuck her later?”

“Perhaps, if she is a good girl,” Master’s voice responds close to me.

Shocked again, I have to fight hard not to clamp my legs together, shivering as my skin tightens with another wave of heat. It spreads out from my sex, and makes my nipples harder as another hand plays with my left tit now. It is different again from the first two, which must mean I am being fingered by three different people. Yet Master must want this, so again I release the tension and feel another layer peel away from my psyche as step by step I strive to surrender my will.

I begin to pant, my breathing coming quicker. I do not know whether to be mortified or flattered by such a blatantly sexual caress. My slit juices up more, but I am not entirely enjoying the attention. Master’s arm slides around my waist from behind, and his body presses to me. His torso is bare, and a hard leather-clad bulge is pressing against my ass.

“Trust, slave,” his voice rumbles indistinctly. Immediately my breathing calms, my racing pulse slows. I make a soft noise and nod, my body relaxing back against his. He is here, everything will be all right. He will not allow anything untoward to happen to me.

“Is this her first outing?” a male voice asks close by.

“Yes, she’s only been trained at home until now. That’s why I am keeping her blindfolded, because she needs to learn more trust. When I have full obedience, I’ll let her see what she is missing.”

Missing? That’s one way of putting it. It implies that there is something here to see other than me. Perhaps there are a lot of other effectively naked subs in here?

Master draws me back from the questing hands, releasing me. A tug on my collar tells me he is leashing me, then another tug and I start forward, stepping as he has trained me: confidently, with my corset and heels helping to make my walk a sultry strut. I follow the pull on the leash, brushing past people on the way. I can feel the closeness of their bodies, feel the touch of leather, latex, cloth and a lot of warm, bare skin.

In return hands touch me, my breasts, my ass and my pussy all get fleeting caresses. Knowing now this is what is intended, that I need only to trust my Master, I find the intimate touch erotic rather than threatening. These are just the equivalent of wolf-whistles, compliments to be enjoyed. Indeed they make my breath quicken again with lust. Other sounds reach me over the susurrus of voices. I can hear a whip crack, a voice cry out with pain, the buzz of a vibrator, moans and cries that are not mere talk.

I can also smell scents such as perfume, cologne, musk and sex. They reach into my brain and pluck strings that connect to my tits and pussy. This isn’t just a party, it’s an orgy, and I am pre-packaged for no-permission-required sex. The thought makes my heart flutter with apprehension, and my pussy drip. Master didn’t mention me being fucked by anyone else, my calm mind reasons, he does not intend that. Probably.

I am not sure if the thought reassures or disappoints.

Abruptly, Master stops me, and I hear his voice speaking to somebody. Long-nailed fingers on soft hands take my shoulders, and a body’s warmth makes my skin tingle an instant before firm breasts press against my own, and soft lips kiss the small part of my cheek exposed.

“Hello, Anne,” a woman’s voice speaks right by my ear as she embraces me. As far as I can tell she is nude, but her touch is not sexual, at least not intentionally so. “I’m Jennifer, we’ll meet later, I am sure, you just…enjoy your experiences.” Her momentary hesitation hints not at anything fearful, quite the opposite.

She draws back, and a man hugs me firmly.

“And I am Frank.” His voice sounds close to my ear, close enough to be heard properly. “Relax, and enjoy,” he chuckles. I gasp around my gag as his fingers explore my wet gash, then a finger slips up inside my pussy and explores for a moment. This time I do not fear it, I am not responsible for it and I only need to enjoy it to please my Master. My gasp changes to a tormented moan as he finds my g-spot.

“…very responsive,” his voice sounds less distinct as he pulls away, and his finger slips out of me, leaving me trembling.

Another tug on my leash draws me on. I “meet” several couples, and am at least satisfied that I am not the only nude girl in the room. Many of the men I am introduced to caress my tits or pussy, and a few of the girls do too. A dimly perceived part of my mind remembers that I should be outraged, that I should feel violated and assaulted. The rest of my mind is smothered in the step by step submission of my desire. All I feel instead is incredibly horny and sexed up.

Master leads me into what I think is another room, from the feel of the air and the sounds. It is amazing how much attention you pay to other senses when you are sightless. In this room the sounds – such as I can hear them – are different. Less talk, and more sounds of blows being struck. Gasps, moans and whimpers as well, and voices begging and pleading. They penetrate my dreamlike surrender sufficiently that my stomach goes cold. Master has punished me only rarely before now, and I wonder what awaits me in here?

I am not kept waiting long. Master grasps me by my pony-tail.

“Now, I saw you enjoying what was done to you, slut, don’t think I didn’t,” his voice rumbles in my ear, teasing me. He allowed it to be done, after all, it’s not like I could have stopped anyone groping me! “Just how many different men – and women – stuck their fingers up you, hmm?” I struggle to mumble around my gag, but my jaw aches and my mouth drools, and I cannot say anything coherent.

“Five? Ten?” Master asks, and laughs wickedly in my ear. I shudder, feeling as if my entire body is blushing with shame. “And I bet you are still horny, aren’t you?” One hand is on my hips, the other on my head, and he bends me forward until my back is arched and my head is pointing to the floor. Something presses to the back of my neck and shoulders, and something else goes around my neck, holding me in place in this uncomfortable position. If I could see, I’d be looking back between my legs.

The straps on the gag loosen, and the ball is suddenly pulled out of my mouth. I struggle to work my jaw back to normal. I suppose I can at least speak now.

“Open your legs,” Master orders me, his lips close to my head. I work my feet apart. In a moment something tugs at one ankle, then the other, and, shifting my feet, I know I cannot close my legs again. Bent double, naked from the waist down and legs apart, my wet gash is presented to the room, as is my ass.

I am fully exposed, and I know there are only two possibilities, punishment or sex – or both. Trepidation grips me in spite of my submission. How will I respond if Master takes me publicly? What if he really does allow someone else to use me in this position? Will I really be able to relax and enjoy it? In spite of my fears, my sex is very wet at the prospect and the need to surrender to him is as strong as ever.

“Now, can you hear me, slave?” Master’s voice asks. It is further from me, and a hand strokes my bare ass.

“Yes, Master,” I respond, unable to keep a tremble from my voice.

“Now, it is obvious to me that you badly want to be fucked,” he says, his hand stroking between my legs, sending a shiver through me as he strokes my pussy and starts me juicing up anew. “It is also obvious that you have been a very bad slut, offering this cunt to anyone who wanted a feel,” he continues. His fingers locate and stroke my clit, making me mewl softly.

“Y-yes, Master,” I whimper, trying to sound contrite rather than lustful.

“So I will now punish you for the latter, while you beg me for the former. If you beg well enough, I will grant your request – for a little while. Then, we will repeat until I am satisfied you have been adequately chastised, and you will then be permitted to cum when you are fucked.”

My pulse races. I am going to be fucked in full view of the guests at this party. The rush of blood to my face could heat the room, if my sex hadn’t got there first. I am deeply ashamed, but very turned on as well, so turned on I can feel myself drip as Master continues to rub my slit. When he withdraws his hand, all I can think about is how nice it felt –

With a sharp crack, a line of fire slices across my ass. It is the first time I have felt a rod – or a cane, or a crop, I have no idea which – as Master has always used his hand before. I squeal in pain as my body jerks, helpless and unable to flinch from the pain. Biting my lip, I try to contain my pain. The burning sensation seems to spread out like heat across my ass, and seeps into my sex like cool fire. I blink, startled as the throbbing sensation does not just hurt, it turns me on!

“I can’t hear you, slut,” Master sings.

Another hard crack on my ass draws another weal of fire across my cheeks, and I stifle another yelp of pain.

“P-please, Master, can I be fucked?”

DD#1 blind lust cover

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  3. I’m passing this on to a friend who’s been invited to her first “public” party. I’m sure she’ll get as wet as i got hard. Great excerpt.

    One note on your blog’s format. the pale green text on the pale blue background at the bottom is almost impossible to read.

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