Time to take a break!


Hi everyone,

Thank you to all of you who follow my blog, and tell me how you enjoy my posts and my writing. I’ve hit a kind of burnout on blogging and facebook and the rest – I’ve been going 24/7 on promoting my stories and I’ve just about hit my limit. I can’t get any new material written while I’m focussing everything on getting the word out there, and I need a break.

Of course I WILL be back, with lots of new stuff, but that could be a few months away, so fair warning. To quote Douglas Adams: “Normal service will be resumed just as soon as we work out what normal is.”

Love you all,

Penelope Syn

Blown Kiss


I have to try this…

I heard about this yesterday, and needless to say it really caught my attention!

Someone has made a new vaginal lubricant…from cannabis oil. It contains all the substances in cannabis that get you high, and these can and will be absorbed through the walls of the vagina (and I would imagine, through the sensitive skin at the head of the penis too, and the anus as well if you like that kind of thing).  But what really caught my attention is that they say this localised effect won’t just get you high – it can ensure up to a fifteen-minute long climax for the woman.

Now I have had an adventurous love-life to be sure. I’ve had quite a few powerful and/or multiple climaxes, on some occasions I’ve cum so hard I’ve blacked out, and on others my lover (flesh and blood, or mains-powered) have kept me twitching over the brink again and again. But fifteen minutes of non-stop pussy-spasming, flesh-quivering, mind-blowing orgasm while also high as a kite is something that just HAS to be tried. I mean, you only live once (and even if you believe in reincarnation you don’t get to remember everything) so it just has to be done, at least once.

Like they say, if there are things in life that are better than sex, you are having the wrong kind of sex. This stuff looks like an ingredient to the right kind of sex! Even if the claims are exaggerated (and they probably are) it’s still something you just have to give a go to, just in case.

There is just one tiny, teeny, problem: it’s made from cannabis, which is currently still illegal in the UK. And this wonder-lube…is only available in California! So please, please let cannabis be legalised in the UK just as soon as possible! Or failing that, someone send me the air-fair to California!